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The Role of the Parish

The majority of our Parish attending students and staff are members of Our Lady’s Assumption Parish, Mandurah with some students/staff also attending St Joseph’s Parish, Pinjarra. Father Theo is the Our Lady’s Assumption Parish priest and College Chaplain and is supported by Father Anson and Father Albin. Priests from St Joseph’s Parish, Pinjarra, also celebrate masses at the College.

The College has a rich and dynamic partnership with Our Lady’s Assumption Parish:

  • College leadership engages in regular open dialogue with the Parish leadership team. Two members of the College Executive are representatives on the Parish Council, the Director of Ministry is also a member of the Parish Liturgy Committee and regular meetings between the Principal, Director of Ministry and priests are held.
  • The College is actively involved in Parish key celebrations such as liturgical celebrations and social events, and students are offered the opportunity to complte their Service Learning program by actively participating in these events.
  • The priests have a strong presence at the College. They celebrate masses and liturgies, are guest speakers in Learning Areas, participate in social events and Year level retreats, conduct RCIA sessions for staff, and Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist training .
  • The College prepares students for the Parish based sacramental programs.
  • The College has a weekly entry in the Parish Bulletin promoting key events, especially the liturgical life of the College and hosts a vasriety of parish events such as the Parish Olympics and Youth events. Students are members of the parish Youth Group.
  • The College works cooperatively with parish leaders to promote active liturgies to proclaim the Gospel in meaningful ways.
  • The College Evangelisation Plan actively promotes the partnership between school and parish with its focus on “Staff Prayer Formation”.