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Every year group listens to a range of guest speakers who present on age-appropriate topics that include safe and respectful use of social media, alcohol and substance abuse, study skills, resilience, leadership training and goal setting, relationships and cyber safety. Each year group is also expected to show care, respect and ownership of the College environment and undertake Christian Service Learning activities.

There are staged events in student growth at each Year level, which indicate a part of the Mandurah Catholic College Journey that has been completed.


Primary School

Years 1 – 3  Feelings and Friends    Year 4 Positive Thinking      Years 5 -6 Social Life Skills
Aussie Optimism Positive Education
is a healthy promotion program focusing on Primary School children. The program is implemented in weekly lessons over the course of a term, where students learn practical skills and strategies that relate to social and emotional wellbeing. It takes a positive psychology approach in helping to build core competencies in students such as how to:

  • Identify and manage feelings
  • Make and maintain friends
  • Solve social problems
  • Think optimistically to promise self-esteem
  • Bounce back from difficulties
YR 7 Camp

Year 7

Belong and Contribute
For wellbeing and success, students need to have a sense of belonging and connectedness. They need to learn to trust and feel included and valuable to the community. Students are guided to become a valuable member of the Mandurah Catholic College community and learn to belong and contribute positively.
 Students are also given the opportunity to participate in the Peer Support program with Year 11 students.

Staged events in student growth:

  • Year 7 Transition Camp
  • Year 7 Family Mass

Year 8

Step Up and Commit
Year 8 students need to improve and work on the foundations laid in earlier years and rise to the challenge of being the best that they can be. Students are encouraged to engage in a wide-range of experiences that enable them to be responsible for their own actions and learning and behave in a mature, compassionate and caring manner.

Staged events in student growth:

  • Year 8 Mothers Day Liturgy and Morning Tea
  • Year 8 Retreat

Year 9

Discover and Explore
Students are encouraged to discover new ways to live out the values from the College Charism and to develop into responsible and respectful young adults. They are expected to behave in a positive manner and learn to embrace changes but make good choices. They also work on the ability to ‘bounce back’ or be resilient.

Staged events in student growth:

  • Year 9 Fathers Day Liturgy and Breakfast
  • Year 9 Retreat

Year 10

Own and Respect
Students are encouraged to make informed decisions that reflect a healthy and positive attitude and to be responsible for the decisions made or “own” the decisions and choices made. 
Students are expected to own their decisions, and values, make good choices which respect themselves and other, and take responsibility for their relationships.

Staged events in student growth:

  • Year 10 Fathers and Daughters Dinner
  • Year 10 Retreat
  • Year 10 Dance
  • Year 10 Service Day

Year 11

Responsibility and Relationships
Whilst Academic study is the focus, they are given many opportunities to develop their talents in unity and to respect one another’s differences. Specialist programs such as Elevate Study Skills are used to ensure that students embrace the theme of ‘Responsibility and Relationship’. Students are motivated by staff to be responsible for their health and body, education, and relationships.

Staged events in student growth:

  • Year 11 Mothers and Sons Dinner
  • Year 11 Retreat
  • Year 11 Student Leadership Camp
  • Year 11 Dinner Dance
Year 12

Year 12

Values and Strengths for Life
Students are motivated to make the most of their final year at the College and embrace the values taught over previous years so that they can enter the real world as mature, responsible, caring individuals who are able to contribute positively to the wider community.

Students are encouraged to focus on their role as leaders at the College and focus on service to others, do their best so that they have the best opportunities in the future and foster their social conscience and faith.

Staged events in student growth:

  • Year 12 Ball
  • Year 12 Graduation
  • Dads and Lads Sausage Sizzle and Games evening
  • Mums and Daughters High Tea