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Christian Service Learning Program

Mandurah Catholic College seeks to inspire its pupils in their search for values that are based on faith in Jesus Christ so that “Our love is not just words or mere talk, but something real or active” (1 John 3:18).

The Christian Service Learning program promotes servant leadership with an emphasis on “the other”. It is a fundamental and practical ‘hands-on’ component of our College Ministry mission and supports the development of well-balanced young people who will eventually take their place in society and place emphasis on connecting through relationship. The program aims to complement the ‘head’ and ‘heart’ aspects of our Religious Education curriculum, Liturgy, Sacramental and Retreat programs.

Active participation in developmentally appropriate and structured service experiences that meet actual community needs offers students many benefits:

  • The opportunity to grow, from a faith perspective, as people of service who help preserve and protect the dignity of all in our community. The experiential ‘learning’ aspect is enhanced through adequate preparation, critical reflection (including theological), awareness activities, guidance and discernment.
  • Diverse opportunities to acquire the knowledge and understandings of love, compassion, justice and service as articulated in the Gospels and to apply their knowledge and skills to real situations in society.
  • First hand experience of ‘service’ as a way of learning and living that permeates all aspects of life rather than an activity that is isolated from the rest of their lives.
  • The opportunity to act first and foremost out of love and respect for each human being regardless of race, religion, beliefs or cultural background.