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Digital Learning Devices for 2019

Mandurah Catholic College runs a Bring Your Own Apple (BYOA) Digital Learning Device (DLD) ITC Platform for all students in Years 4 – 12.

We are a parent funded DLD from Years 4-12 and expect all students joining the College to provide an Apple device as recommended. It is ultimately the choice of the parent to decide which Apple DLD is purchased for use within the College and the life expectancy of approximately 4 to 5 years. If you already have an Apple device you wish to use, we will be happy to offer advice as to its suitability. Please view Device FAQ’S for further information.

These recommended DLDs have been chosen for their ease of use to facilitate education, innovation and creativity. They will also complement our College’s educational network and allow our students to connect with the global community, providing the best value for money for our parents.

The College recommends the following devices in 2019.

Kindergarten - Year 3

College provision of iPad Mini’s

Recommended Device
Supplied by the College

Years 4, 5 and 6

Student BYOA iPad

Recommended Devices
6th Generation iPad 32GB
iPad Pro 10.5″
Apple Pencil only for use at home

Year 7 Transition Year

Student BYOA iPad or MacBook

Recommended Device
Students may bring their existing iPad in Year 7 until transition to a MacBook in Year 8.

Years 8 - 12

Student BYOA MacBook

Recommended Device
13″ MacBook Air

Where can I buy my DLD?

Purchases can be made from a number of sources. It is ultimately the parent’s decision where to buy from and how much they wish to pay.

Mandurah Catholic College aims to provide its parents with the best possible value for money. We have entered into educational supplier agreements with PRA Imaging and JB Hi-Fi Solutions to offer educational discounts, however at times other commercial outlets maybe offering greater discounts at their discretion, so it pays to shop around and be aware of sales.

JB Hi-Fi Solutions

Enter school code: mccdld2019
Store pickup from a wide range of selected stores.

Enquires for delivery options to 1300 730 548.
Also available to purchase with your DLD: Applecare, carry bags, protective covers and insurance options.

Code for iPads (Years 4, 5 & 6 for 2019): MCCK-6
Code for MacBooks (Years 7 -12 for 2019): MCC7-12
Delivery is free and will be to your home address or another specified delivery address. Order enquiries to 9225 4677.
Also available to purchase with your DLD: Applecare, hard drives and protective covers.

AppleCare Protection Plans

AppleCare Protection Plans are available at the time of purchase and do provide an insurance option, however you may wish to check with your existing home and contents policy to see if your DLD is covered for accidental damage. The College strongly advises the purchase of the AppleCare warranty with your device. This provides 3 years of cost free repairs against mechanical failure.