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Learning Enhancement (Years 7-12)

The Learning Enhancement team works with parents, students, teachers and other service providers to make suitable adjustments for Years 10-12 students to access the curriculum, assessments, exams and attend TAFE and work experience. This is done through Curriculum Adjustment Plans (CAPs), Individual Education Plans (IEPs), Break Plans, Health Care Plans (HCPs) and Transition Plans from Primary to Secondary School and Secondary to adult life.

Learning Support Programs Years 7 – 8

A range of literacy and numeracy intervention programs are utilised at the College. The Year 7 Language program is high interest and targets vocabulary, reading, oral language, paragraph writing and supports the English program. Sounds Write is an accelerated phonics, spelling, reading and comprehension program currently being run in Years 7 and 8 with the plan to offer it to Year 9 students in 2018.  Staff have also been trained in Expanding Mathematical Understanding (EMU) and Dr Paul Swann’s numeracy intervention which targets gaps in numeracy and uses developmental growth points.

Year 7 Extension Program

Mandurah Catholic College is committed to challenging high achieving Year 7 students and in 2017 the exciting student-led Challenge Based Learning (CBL) program was introduced to a Year 7 Extension class. To qualify, students sat the ACER Gifted and Talented Test (AGAT) and demonstrated an aptitude for accepting challenges and solving problems.

Challenge Based Learning engages students with problems and issues in the world or community which are in need of innovative solutions. It is learner inspired, directed and owned. In 2017, students explored the issue of waste reduction, the challenge being to reduce the College’s water or electricity consumption by 20%. The students thoroughly enjoyed the CBL so much they asked if they could continue CBL in Year 8!

Mr Damien Forrester
Head of Learning Enhancement Years 7-12 and CBL teacher

Learning Support Years 10-12

Our Senior Secondary students participate in ‘People First’, Cyber Safety, Personal Space and Protective Behaviour workshops, where they learn about pertinent topics such as respectful relationships, building resilience, self-esteem and feelings, using social media in a safe and acceptable manner, and potential social dangers.

Inclusive Sports days are much anticipated days held throughout the year. Participating with up to 13 other schools from across the metropolitan area, the MCC Inclusive Sport team has actively engaged in a range of sports including the ACC Beach Carnival at Sorrento, the ACC Athletics and Swimming Carnivals, Ten Pin bowling and Indoor Soccer. In 2017,  the team took home the trophy for the Indoor Soccer competition.

Mrs Margaret Elliott
Learning Support Coordinator Years 10–12