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Strategic Plan

2018 Annual Report

School Improvement Plan

The Mandurah Catholic College Difference

Our College:
• Offers a K-12 Catholic holistic education for over 1500 students.
• Supports the academic, social and faith development of all students.
• Is under the patronage of the Holy Family and symbolises the commitment to pastoral care for all members of the College community.
• Provides dedicated Junior and Secondary School structures to best address the learning needs of our students.
• Provides students with a learning environment that gives them opportunities to grow in their Catholic faith.
• Builds relationships with the community on an international, national and local basis.
• Is modern, well-resourced and uses the latest technologies to enhance a wide variety of opportunities for student learning.
• Provides a positive and safe learning environment in which students are supported by both peers and staff.
• Provides a diverse and balanced curriculum that allows students to develop their natural abilities and to strive for excellence in everything they do.
• Provides staff and students with opportunities to build their leadership potential.
• Provides staff with opportunities to strive for excellence.

The Mandurah Catholic College Strategic Plan is the result of a comprehensive community consultation process. Members of the College community were invited to share their views and help define the College’s strategic directions for the future.
The Plan has been written to support the vision, mission and values of Mandurah Catholic College and has been designed around five strategic pillars that will support and direct the improvement actions of the College. The College has established a tradition of high quality education within the ethos of a caring and supportive Catholic environment. The “Holy Family” guides our actions.
As a Catholic College community we strive to provide our students with an environment that fosters their ability to achieve personal best in all areas of achievement. Over the 24-year history of the College we have developed strong traditions based on the patronage of the Holy Family.
The pillars link explicitly to the Quality Catholic Schooling Framework (QCS) and align with an improvement focus. These pillars represent the core operating fields for the College and within each field we are charged with developing a focus on future possibilities, agreed outcomes and targets.

1. Catholic Identity

We value our Catholic Identity and work to build our faith community through expression of faith and culture, Christian witness and social action.

Building the Gospel Values and a strong Catholic Community

• A commitment by all to living the values and virtues of the “Holy Family” charism.
• Community involvement in the College’s Catholic Community Life.
Participation in Catholic rituals and traditions
• Active participation of staff, students and parents in Mass, Sacramental Programs and other liturgical events.

A Focus on Prayer

• A focus on morning prayer, prayer in classrooms, staff prayer and prayer integrated into College activity.
• Establish a room or facility available for Prayer and/or Reflection.

A Commitment to Social Justice and Service to Others
• Strong involvement of the College community in social justice and service learning activities.

2. Community

We are a community of students, staff and families committed to strengthening our engagement and partnership with families, parish and the wider community. We are committed to positive and productive communications and connections with all our stakeholders.

Strong Communications with Parents and the Community
• Develop and implement an information strategy to build awareness of the communication strategies at the College.

Strengthen Parents as Partners in Learning

• A culture that acknowledges parents as partners in learning in the Junior and Secondary schools.

Strengthen Parents as Partners in Faith Life
• Parents support the College and parish through each student’s faith journey.

Promote Mandurah Catholic College across the wider Community
Continue to develop a public relations strategy to promote Mandurah Catholic College.
• Build and foster relationships with the business community to enhance student learning opportunities and sponsorship.
• Continue to build an Alumni network to foster support.

3. Student Learning

Student learning is at the heart of our actions. We value academic achievement and personal best and provide opportunities for all students to maximise their potential through excellence in teaching and learning. We have an expectation of achievement for all students.

A Focus on Literacy and Numeracy
• Student performance in national testing will be equivalent to or above their predicted achievement in previous tests.

Students as Independent and Autonomous Learners
• A culture that acknowledges parents as partners in learning in the Junior and Secondary schools.

Implementation of the Australian Curriculum and Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE)
• Implementation of the Australian Curriculum and changes to WACE in line with agreed targets.
• Achieving curriculum balance and relevance.

A Stimulating and Dynamic Learning Environment
• Develop a stimulating, contemporary and dynamic learning environment.
• Availability of specialist facilities in Junior school.
• A planned refurbishment program.
• Classroom pride and care.
• Deployment and use of a range of Information and Communications Technologies in teaching and learning.

Focus on Teacher Practice and Pedagogy (Teaching & Learning)

• Provision of professional learning that provides a focus on building teacher pedagogy and practice.
• Teacher focus on pedagogies that enhance student engagement.
• Increased opportunities for teacher collaboration, peer review, networking and professional feedback.
• Explore opportunities for cross-curriculum integration in the College.
Valid and Reliable Assessment
• Continuous review of the College Assessment Policy and Procedures including issues of quality, quantity, formative assessment, summative assessment and cross marking.
• Opportunities for student self-assessment.

Quality Reporting Structures

• Continuous review of the College Reporting Policy and Procedures.

Acknowledgement of Student Success
• Continued acknowledgement of student success and achievement in all aspects of College life.

4. Student Support

We are an inclusive Catholic community that supports the needs of all students. We embrace students with special needs, acknowledge cultural diversity, provide a focus on student wellbeing and pastoral care, and promote student engagement.

Strong Communications

• Identify areas of support available to students, staff and parents.
• Undertake a communication strategy to advise all staff, students and parents of support available.

Focus on Students At Risk

• The College identifies and develops individual education plans for all students at risk.
• Development of a staff communication strategy, identifying students at risk.

Create a Dedicated Student Services and Support Area

• Creation of a dedicated student services and support area.
• Availability of specialist support staff.

Up-skilling Staff to Provide Effective Support
• Provision of professional development to up-skill teachers to effectively provide pastoral care and support to students.

Utilising the support of external agencies and groups

• Access and utilise external support agencies and services.

5. Stewardship

Our community promotes leadership opportunities for staff and students, staff professional learning and wellbeing, effective resource management, accountability, and a commitment to school improvement.

Student Leadership
• Continue to provide opportunities and training to build student leadership.
Quality Staff Professional Development
• Provision of a Professional Development Plan that links to the strategic directions of the College.
• Formalised process to share professional learning.
• Increased opportunities for staff collaboration, peer review, networking and professional feedback.

A Strong and Supportive Staff Community
• Collaborative development of a Staff Wellbeing Program.
• Collaborative development of a Staff Induction, Orientation and on-going Mentoring Program.

Resource Management

• All financial, physical and human resources are fairly and equitably managed and continually improved.


• Deployment and use of physical, human and financial resources in line with the College’s Strategic Plans.

• Quality Governance of all College decision makers.

• Focus on the shared responsibility of staff, students and parents.

School Improvement Processes

• The ongoing use of Quality Catholic Schooling processes to guide the school improvement focus.

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