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2018 Annual Report

School Improvement Plan

1. Grow - Seek truth in our personal development and wellbeing

The outcomes we seek are the long-term development and wellbeing of our students and staff.
This will require:

  • Shared beliefs and understandings
  • Job embedded professional learning that supports the growth, development and aspirations of all staff
  • Student support services that respond to student needs and to issues reflected in our community

2. Achieve - Seek truth in our learning

The outcomes we seek generate high levels of student confidence in their learning and high academic achievement.
This will require:

  • Shared responsibility and accountability for student achievement
  • Maintaining early and ongoing intervention programs
  • Appropriate instruction in every curriculum area across the College
  • Collaboration, enquiry, research and decisions based on student data
  • Academic performance and academic diversity that reflects MCC as the school of choice in the Peel region

3. Contribute - 
Seek truth in our relationships

The outcomes we seek, give witness to our faith by building positive relationships within the community and serving those in need.
This will require:

  • Parental and community involvement
  • A commitment to collaboration and teamwork for the benefit of students
  • Strong service learning culture
  • All members of our community acting with dignity, respect and kindness

4. Sustain - 
Seek truth in our stewardship of resources

The outcomes we seek have been clearly planned and resources allocated promoting long-term sustainability of the College environment and the wellbeing of its people.
This will require:

  • The College to be responsive to the demographic changes in the community
  • Establishing a future focused Capital Development Plan that ensures facilities are contemporary, fit for purpose and support the learning program
  • Annual review of performance indicators against desired outcomes
  • Ensuring all students find their place in the world