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Paint Storm Blows MCC Students AwayPosted in The Arts,Wellbeing on Friday, 9 August, 2019

Phil Doncon has returned to MCC with his show ‘Paint Storm’ – a high energy visual arts performance incorporating positive life lessons for young people. Phil painted a 10-metre-wide canvas in front of the Year 8s all the while blasting out a concert of eclectic music.

The choreographed paint performance is interactive to help students engage with art in a totally new way, while experiencing 5 Key Elements of Resilience:
1. Being proactive (calming down and diffusing conflict)
2. Persevering (not giving up)
3. Being assertive (strong and kind) and
4. Self-acceptance
5. Learning from and being empowered by failure

The performance blew students away, as usual, with its mix of speed painting, theatrics and dancing.

Paint Storm - 6
Paint Storm - 4
Paint Storm - 1
Paint Storm - 5
Paint Storm - 3
Paint Storm - 2
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