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Patron’s DayPosted in College Community,Ministry on Friday, 5 July, 2019

Patron’s Day! The most anticipated school day of the year for most students, was held today at Mandurah Catholic College. Patron’s Day is the day on which the whole College gathers together to celebrate the Holy Family. The Holy Family were chosen as the Patrons of the College as they are an inspiration to students and staff in their pursuit of learning and faith development. Mandurah Catholic College was started by families, for families in the Mandurah area, and so the Holy Family are fitting patrons for a College founded on the family unit.

The day started with a Primary and Secondary mass, attended by students from Years 1 to 12, of which the focus was the Holy Family. Primary School students in the Early Years contributed beautiful drawings and colouring which were featured on the screen while students were entering for mass. Student comments from the Homerooms in the Secondary School were also displayed, commenting about what the Holy Family, the College moto ‘Seek Truth’ and Patron’s Day meant to them.

Patron’s Day activities started at 10.30am, with students from each Homeroom helping to run the stalls. Although the weather was threatening to put a dampener on the day in the morning, it fined up beautifully right in time for the activities to start! This year, the activities had an ‘old-school fair’ theme, going back to a more traditional school fete style. Activities included darts, bottle flipping, duck fishing, bean bag toss, arcade with retro video games, lucky wheel and many more! The big-ticket items were popular as always, with lots of inflatable games, a big slide and the bucking bull. Food stalls had the students and attending families covered for lunch, with donuts, pumpkin soup, hot dogs, pizza, fairy floss, lollies and the always-popular MCC nachos!

Happy Patron’s Day to all!