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Peel Catholic Youth VisitPosted in Ministry on Wednesday, 13 March, 2019

Members of Peel Catholic Youth came to speak with students as a part of the St Patrick’s Day Feast celebrations. Graduates of Mandurah Catholic College and members of Peel Catholic Youth, Tristan Faure (graduated 2016) and Joshua Wells (graduated 2012) joined in the celebrations and discussed the important role of the Peel Catholic Youth with students.

Peel Catholic Youth is the group run for the Pinjarra, Dawesville, Mandurah and Waroona areas and is much more than the traditional youth group, having a role in education and allowing members to socialise, and become an important part of the Catholic community.

Joshua Wells said, “We put on sporting and social events throughout the year and it gives young people a chance to come together. It’s lot of fun.”

“Young people are the future of the church but also the church of now! The church of today.” Joshua said. “The youth are in charge and run most of the events themselves. It’s a great chance for them to take charge and lead.”

For more information on Peel Catholic Youth, find them on Facebook.