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Perfect ‘10’ from Year 7 BoysPosted in Secondary,Sport on Friday, 5 July, 2019

Tuesday Week 9 and 10 have seen the best from our Year 7 Boys cohort go from Bunbury to Mount Lawley, testing themselves against the best schools in the region.

The Eagles Cup South West Carnival saw MCC come up against six schools in what would be a marathon day involving 150 minutes of total football. Here is a recap of the results from the day:

MCC                             4.3 27                                       MCC                             5.2 32

Bunbury Grammar        0.1 1                                         Georgiana Molloy        0.4 4

MCC                             10.7 67                                     MCC                            13.6 84

MBC                                0.0 0                                         MTCC                           0.1 1

MCC                             6.9 45                                       MCC                           2.2 14

Mackillop                      2.1 13                                          BCC                              1.2 8


MCC dominated play from the first bounce in almost every game, blowing away the competition with great hunger for the contest and skills to match. The weather proved a challenge for most teams, but MCC maintained their silky skills, hitting targets at will and for the most part being accurate when shooting on goal. A collective 40 goals and 29 behinds for the day was impressive considering the blustery conditions.

Being a competition where only the top team gets through to the following week’s Grand Final Carnival, MCC had to ensure they were on their game all day. While the first five matches saw them put teams away with relative ease, the final game against also unbeaten Bunbury Catholic College would decide who went through to the decider.

The game itself was a seesawing affair with both teams playing some outstanding football. Being the brutal battle it was, teams found it difficult to score but MCC found its way to take a 1.2 8 to 1.0 6 lead at the half. The team was out on it’s legs coming into the final 15 minutes of the competition and showed it moving into the second half, with BCC taking the ascendency and playing in their forward half for what seemed like an eternity. Attack after attack was absorbed from the back six who only allowed BCC to get back to level terms, 1.2 8 apiece! When it looked like the dam was about to break, a long kick in from BCC that looked like a certain goal was snatched out of the air at full stretch from Ollie Coutas. The following play would result in a switch and some scrappy, yet effective ball movement to an open forward line where Jett De Rosa waltzed into an open goal. The siren would sound a mere 10 seconds later, to the jubilation of the team. A great game played by two great sides! Who would’ve thought Year 7 football would see such great skill and will from 36 players.

6 from 6 and SW Eagles Cup Champions for the second year in a row!


The Eagles Cup Grand Final has been no stranger to this cohort for the last two seasons, with last year’s team only losing CBC on their way to being runner-up. This year’s team was looking to go one better at Hamer Park in Mount Lawley.

Playing four games against other Grand Final qualifiers, the quality of schools at this competition was undeniable and seemed to be anyone’s to win.

The first test came against last year’s champions, CBC Fremantle. While the team’s preparation seemed a little lacking, once the game started, the boys were on kicking 6.2 in the first half and building a 26 point lead at half time. If you thought the boys went on to do the job, you would be wrong with CBC dominating the second half leaving MCC forwards starved of opportunity. A fast finishing CBC would fall short though and MCC opened their account with an 8 point win. One down, three to go!


Round Two would be against a plucky Sacred Heart team stacked with some height and great marking prowess, which troubled our mosquito fleet. Despite staying ahead for the entire match, Sacred Heart were always within reach. Some great pressure in the dying moments saw the boys hold on by the narrowest of margins, one point. Two down, two to go!


After a scare in Round Two, the next stage saw the boys take on Emmanuel in a match where the scoreboard ticked over regularly and the ball movement from both teams was sound. While it was MCC who made the most of their opportunities, Emmanuel burnt the maroon and gold on the turnover ensuring they kept in touch. A couple of steadying goals in the second half ensured the win was secured and would put MCC in the drivers seat to take the title. The equation was simple. Beat Mazenod, win the carnival.


After two weeks of solid football and 9 wins from 9 games, it would come down to game number ten to decide whether these boys would achieve what no other MCC boys team had done, and that is win the Year 7 Eagles Cup. Mazenod had been tough opposition for most teams and having a bye prior to their final match made sure they were fresh for the occasion. The game started with MCC scoring four straight behinds before, against the run of play Mazenod went coast to coast and put the first major on the board. As the half progressed it was the first time over the last two weeks that MCC looked tired and the opposition took advantage with a number of forward entries but lacked the reward on the scoreboard. For the first time this season MCC was staring down the barrel of a 5 point halftime deficit, 1.4 to 2.3. With one half left the boys needed one more effort to claim the trophy and they would respond in emphatic fashion, piling on 5.3 to 1.0 in the second half willing themselves to every contest and applying pressure to the opposition like their life depended on it. Running out 23 point victors cemented an undefeated campaign and the very well deserved title, Eagles Cup Champions.

Grand Final Carnival Results

MCC                             6.2 38                                       MCC                             5.1 31

CBC Fremantle              5.0 30                                       Sacred Heart                 5.0 30

MCC                             6.4 40                                       MCC                             6.8 44

Emmanuel CC               4.3 27                                       Mazenod                      3.3 21



Player Report Card

Kylelan Sanders

Arguably our best player over both carnivals. Worked supremely hard in the midfield and initiated a lot of our superb ball movement with some great skill level. Showed great leadership by directing his team both by voice and action.

Thomas Smedley

Our most important player. With the team lacking in height, Tom stepped up and played the modern day ruck role to a tee. A lot of Heath Grundy the way he went about it taking marks, winning hit outs and putting the ball inside forward 50 with regularity. Was sublime.

Koby Vollprecht

Spend most of his time in the midfield where he won plenty of contested ball. The beauty of Koby is that he also had great skills to boot which was a trademark of the whole team. Plenty to like about the way he goes about his footy and would have been in our top five players at each carnival.

Jaden Funazzi

Jaden showed the ability to be a genuine utility. His great endurance allowed him to have extended stints in the ruck and midfield, while his strong marking was impactful in attack. If that wasn’t enough his most important role for the team was being a steadying force in the backline taking on opposition key forwards and repelling attacks. Another who was crucial at both carnivals.

Ajay Moseley

A1 showed a lot of poise in tough conditions in Bunbury and when given some time further up the field in Perth showed his ability to relish the contest and apply tackle pressure like a hungry bulldog. At times when it looked like it was game over for MCC it was players like Ajay who stepped up and simply refused to lose. Would have him on my team any day.

Angus Moseley

Angus may be known as the only one I know to spray a kick from the goal square on the full (can blame the gale winds for that), but that was the only clanger I think I witnessed from A2 as his skill was what stood out in Bunbury. Not to be classed as a one trick pony, Angus became a contested and pressure beast in Perth. Knows where the goals are and loves to kick one, which happened regularly over the two carnivals.

Ollie Coutas

If it weren’t for Ollie, we probably aren’t champions. A goal square mark against Bunbury Catholic College in the dying stages, followed by the subsequent gutsy ball movement to get the winning goal almost seemed akin to Leo Barry’s mark against West Coast in 2005. Ollie was ever solid in defence over the journey and his ability to read the play, attack the footy and repel opposition attacks show that he can play the game at a high level.

Henry Jolley

The soccer convert enjoyed his best time at the Bunbury carnival where he won a fair amount of football and showed that his skills can transfer from the great game. Struggled a little in Perth but found a niche being a reliable defender when called upon and did the basics well.

Brennan Newport

Brennan played at the bookends at separate carnivals, mainly being a defender in Bunbury and showed some clean ball use as well as the ability to win his own ball. While his opportunities in Perth were a little limited, as a forward he invariably found the ball in his area setting up some key scores for the team. Solid team player and every team needs those.

Patrick Field

In Bunbury, Patrick was solid filling a number of positions and winning the ball regularly in each. When the competition level rose in Perth, Patrick seemed to rise to the occasion playing some inspired footy. Being outsized at times as a key defender, Patrick went into beast mode taking contested marks, winning contested footy and setting up many attacks from intercepts. Arguably our most reliable player in the biggest games.

Jack Watson

There’s not much to Jack Watson. But as they say, it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog. And this young man has plenty of fight! Played mainly on the wing in Bunbury, Jack’s natural endurance made sure he regularly found the ball, but his finest moments were as a dire defender in Perth where he could only be described as fearless. Winning loose ball, spoiling the footy, nailing tackles were all in a day’s work in such a high pressure situation. Players stand taller playing next to individuals like Jack.

Brent Searle

There is no denying the talent of young Searle. Used his body really well in a lot of marking contests and kicked some key goals at crucial times for the team. While he would have had more impact coming up at the ball a little more, it didn’t deter from some really quality moments from Brent who provided a key target for the team and proved his worth by catching the footy really well.

Sean Congdon

Sean had a number of key moments from both carnivals. One: he may be the best goal umpire we have at the College, with his timing and sense of theatre being a highlight. Two: his ability to give repeated efforts is something only a puppy chasing it’s own tail could give. And Three: Sean may be the ultimate super sub. After a little bench time, Sean was a key figure in the final game against Mazenod with his pressure at the player and ball, which resulted in him setting up the second half onslaught. Players player for mine.

Bailey Hesketh

Bailey mainly spent time as a forward where he played on at literally every opportunity and kicked his fair share of goals. Not to be outdone, he spent time in the midfield and ruck where he was able to give our prime movers rest at key times, which over a long two weeks was of great importance. Bailey was another who showed great foot skills and the ability make the right decisions for his team. Very much a key player in the grand scheme of things.

Daniel Cooper

Dan found himself in a number of positions and to his credit he was good in every single one. In the last couple of games he looked a little tired and made a few uncharacteristic errors which hurt the team. Not deterred, he made a return in the forward line in the final game and redeemed himself by both kicking and setting up goals. Great ability to bounce back after some brief struggles and showed the team what he was made of.

Harrison King

The surprise packet of the team. The wily left footer created havoc across half forward with some elite foot skills and decision making. Any forward would love to lead up to Harry and was one of the best from the Bunbury carnival. While he faded a little at the Perth carnival, he kicked a crucial half time goal on the siren in what would allow the team to get over the line by a point against Sacred Heart. Many individual moments go into winning it all and Harry’s moment was vital in ensuring the medals went to the maroon and gold.

Jett De Rosa

Speaking of key moments, Jett’s last second winner against Bunbury Catholic will be spoken on school trip buses for a long time to come. Despite such a big moment, Jett was active as a forward in Bunbury with his leading patterns and ability to attract the ball on a lead being a highlight. A natural forward, he may not have got as much opportunity in Perth, but the moments he had were important for the team in the overall picture. Workmanlike two weeks from Jett.

Ryan Schoeffer

Ryan was well on his way to winning the golden fist after his efforts in Bunbury. As a defender he patrolled the back half like he owned it and never shirked a contest. Unfortunately illness struck him down for the Grand Final Carnival. Not deterred he tried to play on but had little impact. Despite a down carnival, he was definitely a key part of getting the squad to the big dance and ultimately winning it.

Tyson Smith

The energiser bunny was let loose in Bunbury as Tyson was literally everywhere on the large expanses at Hay Park. A top ten player in Bunbury with strong ball winning ability and laser like hitting of targets. Another player to be hampered for the Grand Final Carnival, unfortunately never looking right with a hamstring injury. Thankfully his team mates rewarded his great week one with a medallion in week two.

Zac Rush

Another left footer who provided the team with another option in multiple areas, including the midfield. Did some nice things on the wing and as a forward, showing the craftiness that for some reason all left footers have which led to many quality forward entries. While his Bunbury carnival was better than his Perth one, Zac’s polish was memorable.

Rylan Wilson

Rylan provided the team with some quality minutes, mainly as a defender. Winning contests regularly he always gave team mates confidence to rebound the ball. In Bunbury where Rylan was prominent, the defence was outstanding only giving up 27 points in six games. Didn’t get the opportunities he would’ve liked in Perth, but still a strong contributor in a strong team.