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Primary Inter-House Swimming CarnivalPosted in Houses,Primary on Monday, 11 March, 2019

The clouds cleared and the sun came out to greet our students at the pool for the Primary Inter-House Swimming Carnival. Held on Friday at the Mandurah Aquatic and Recreation Centre, the Carnival was attended by students in Years 3 to Six 6.

As the students arrived, the Heads of House and House Mascots were there to greet the students and pump them up for their first race. The parent helpers were there in force helping to marshal, time keep, give out ribbons and encourage the students.

Primary School staff, and in particular Carnival Coordinator and Physical Education Teacher Mr Chris Archer, had the event running like clockwork. The stands buzzed with the excited titters of students awaiting their turn in the pool. As names were called, students excitedly bounded out of the stands, only to slow to a nervous, eager walk up to the pool. Year 4 teacher Mark Wise could be heard announcing results and calling up students to the blocks, his voice booming out of the loud speaker. Students cheered and clapped for their House representatives in the pool, the support equally loud for those with a lightening quick backstroke, and those using noodles to support them as they paddled the lap.

Years 3 and 4 Education Assistant Dixie Lancaster comment, “It’s fantastic – the kids really get behind each other. It’s also a great chance for those students who aren’t as confident in the water. The kids get behind everyone equally.”

Carnival Coordinator Mr Archer commented, “It’s great to see smiles on so many kids’ faces when they finish the race. They’re often so nervous before hand!” In response to comments that the day was running so well, Mr Archer deferred the praise, saying. “We have a good team in the primary. Parent help is fantastic, and the spectators are always great.”

The students agreed that the day was fantastic. “We’re having lots of fun! Getting to get in the water and get cooled off is the best part!” said Year 6 boys Mason Hicks and Ethan Platt.

As the temperature climbed in the stands, the races were also heating up in the pool.


InterHouse Primary - 18
InterHouse Primary - 22
InterHouse Primary - 3
InterHouse Primary - 13

Year 4 student Charlotte Fogarty was ecstatic at the end of her race, “I got my first first ribbon!” she exclaimed.  Fellow students Neco Higgins and Paris Simmons were also sporting ample ribbons. “It’s a really fun day!” they exclaimed.

A new event that took place this year was the Teachers v. Students relay. It was a very close race with the lead changing more than once. In the end it was the students who took it out. More training for the teachers is needed for next year. There was also a noodle race and free swim for a bit of fun to finish off.

“It was a beautiful carnival – a really fun day!” exclaimed parent and member of the College P&F Lisa Hogarth.

At the end of the day Mr Archer commented, “The true stars of the day would have to be the students. The high level of sportsmanship and genuine caring shown for fellow swimmers by encouraging and willing them to make it to the finish was amazing. It made me feel very proud to be a part of it.”

Head of Primary School Jo Ray was full of praise for her team, “As always, an amazing job by Chris Archer. The day ran like clockwork. The kids are also fantastic – they have been so helpful, running some activities and being ready to go when their names are called. They have shown great sportsmanship, encouraging everyone in the pool. Today is a great opportunity to just have a go, no matter of skill level.” Jo Ray

Well done to all involved.


Year Champions and House Shield Results:

Year 3 Champion Girl – Isabel Utley

Year 3 R/U Champion Girl – Sophia Francis

Year 3 Champion Boy – Harper Matthews

Year 3 R/U Champion Boy – Noah Pashkewitz

Year 4 Champion Girl – Neco Higgins

Year 4 R/U Champion Girl – Tahlia Head

Year 4 Champion Boy – Callum Howard

Year 4 R/U Champion Boy – Dexter McDonald

Year 5 Champion Girl – Destiny Hudson

Year 5 R/U Champion Girl – Jade Bell

Year 5 Champion Boy – Ronan Loader

Year 5 R/U Champion Boy – Harry Jenkins

Year 6 Champion Girl – Brienna O’Sullivan

Year 6 R/U Champion Girl – Amber Head

Year 6 Champion Boy – Sunny Higgins

Year 6 R/U Champion Boy – Aiden Francesconi


House Shield Points

1st St Peter’s 464 points
2nd St Patrick’s 399 points
3rd St Mary’s 291 points
4th St Joseph’s 276 points
4th St Monica’s 276 points
6th St Bernadette’s 221 points

InterHouse Primary - 6
InterHouse Primary - 12
InterHouse Primary - 11
InterHouse Primary - 15
InterHouse Primary - 1
InterHouse Primary - 10
InterHouse Primary - 14
InterHouse Primary - 9
InterHouse Primary - 4
InterHouse Primary - 2
InterHouse Primary - 7
InterHouse Primary - 5
InterHouse Primary - 21
InterHouse Primary - 20
InterHouse Primary - 8
InterHouse Primary - 16