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Principal’s ReportPosted in Principal's Report on Friday, 2 August, 2019

Mandurah Catholic College Community

Welcome back to the start of Term 3. I hope everyone was able to enjoy a restful break. During the holidays 11 students and 4 staff visited Flores, one of the many islands of Indonesia. Over the past 4 to 5 years the College community has been supporting building and providing resourcing for schools in the poorest and remote villages through Flores Partnerships. Other Catholic schools in the Peel Region and Rockingham have also been supporting these communities. I am very grateful for your continued generous contributions as we provide educational opportunities for families who have little hope of providing education to their children, unassisted.

For most of the students and staff it has been a transforming experience and one that will never be forgotten. We look forward to going back to Flores in 2021 and sustaining our support.


Head Prefects

Over the past few days I have had the privilege to listen to the students applying for the two College Head Prefect positions. It has been a real honour to hear students sharing what it means for them to be at Mandurah Catholic College. Not only are they a great credit to the College, but also to their families.

Some of the responses that impressed me included: a strong sense of community and belonging, pride in the College, an extension of their family, and appreciation of strong and respectful relationships between peers, students and staff. Other qualities they mentioned included committed teachers, extensive opportunities including those for service and encouragement to be your best self.

Students really do live out the gospel values and are aware of representing themselves, their families and the College in ways that model our Catholic, Christian principles in their daily lives at school and beyond. Our Catholic ethos is echoed in the ways we make time for reflection, giving thanks to God and in our relationships with all creation and all people.

I will announce the Head Prefects (girl and boy) for 2019/20 nearing the end of this term.



Over the next two nights, the Primary and Secondary Drama Clubs will put on their productions of Kid Frankenstein and Law and Order: Fairytale Unit. An amazing amount of time and effort has gone into working on these shows since the cast was announced last year. For some of these students, it is their first time doing anything like this, and will be their first time on stage in front of an audience. The students involved are doing more than just learning their lines – they’re building friendships, learning to work as a team and contribute to a common goal, developing confidence and pushing themselves to be their best. It’s an amazing opportunity for our students for personal growth and learning, and I thank Corinna Herbert and the whole of The Arts team for their efforts in bringing these productions together and helping the students involved.

Good luck to the Primary and Secondary Drama Clubs for your performances over the next two nights.


Inter-School Primary Cross Country

Congratulations to our Years 4 to 6 students, who achieved the Betty Cuthbert shield for B division in the Peel Region Inter-School Primary Cross Country on Wednesday. Congratulations to all students, your behaviour and attitude throughout the day was fantastic.
Thank you to those who helped coordinate the students attending the event.


 Course Counselling

Last week we had the Course Counselling Day for Year 10 students and their families. Heads of Year, Heads of Learning Area, members of the College Leadership Team and other key members of staff were on hand for the interviews, which allowed parents and their Year 10 children to discuss their Semester One reports and their desired pathway forward.

This can be a tough time for Year 10 students and their families, as the child does not always have a clear intention in their path of study, but also it can be a confusing time for parents and guardians considering all the options.

We are blessed to be able to offer a broad range of upper-school courses here at the College. Because of this, we want our students and our parents to be well-informed about their choices. Course selection is a process which starts when the students are in Years 8 and 9, and there are many steps in the process. The point of this day is that we want the students and the parents to be well informed so that they can make the best decision for them based on all the information. Our students and parents are not alone, as the College is on the journey with them. We will continue to nourish, guide and assist students to make informed choices regarding their future.


MCC Waste Warriors collected rubbish from around the College grounds on Wednesday. This was an initiative that was taken on by staff and students during this week that focussed on increasing the awareness of the misuse of plastics in our College community. As a result, here are a few ideas that your family may be able to introduce in order to reduce our collective waste:

  • Use reusable boxes for recess and lunch items
  • Provide your child with a metal water bottle (labelled clearly) that they can fill out our water fountains
  • Involve your family in making cakes or biscuits for the week rather than buying individually wrapped items for lunches
  • Replace chips with homemade popcorn (this is a much healthier and much cheaper option as well)
  • Try a quick Internet search for a wealth of other ideas that will help us reduce our waste and save you money at the same time

We also have pickup points in the Library for bread bag tags and clean plastic bottle lids.


Wishing all of our students a wonderful Term, and to remember my challenge of choosing ONE change in your life that will improve our MCC community.

Term 3 is also a big one for our Year 12s, as it is their last term of classes. Please keep our Year 12s in your prayers as they study hard and do their best to achieve good results to put them in the best place going forward into their WACE Exams later this year or their VET courses.

God bless.





Mr Chris Wallace

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