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Principal’s ReportPosted in Principal's Report on Friday, 13 December, 2019

Mandurah Catholic College Community


As this is our final Newsfeed for the year, I wish all families a happy and holy Christmas, and thank you for your ongoing support of the College during 2019, which enables our students to Grow, Achieve, Contribute and Sustain this incredible College. Thank you to all the family members, businesses and non-profit organisations who have continued to support Mandurah Catholic College. Without your support, the College would not be able to provide many of the opportunities our students enjoy as they interact with the community. I sincerely appreciate your interest and support and look forward to continuing our association next year.

I have been very appreciative of the huge amount of time and effort staff; parents and students have made in enabling this to be such a ‘jam packed year’. The magnitude of opportunities and new initiatives students from K-12 are given at the College is phenomenal. Within the last two weeks alone, we have had a plethora of events and evenings that have involved all aspects of the College. Whether it be the Primary or Secondary Speech and Awards nights that enabled the College to acknowledge the achievements and contributions of our students or the hard work our College Board and P&F Association members make to the wellbeing of all. Or the last of the Men of MCC events, involving Sunset Sailing with dads and sons…to the entertaining and joyous Carols evening; the Year 10 Service Day and Dance; or the Year 6 Graduation where we acknowledged and farewelled the leaders of the Primary School. I thank all who continually add to the rich tapestry of this great College. Parents often express their desire to come to Mandurah Catholic College as a student themselves because of such opportunities!

The holiday rest period is the perfect time to recharge and reflect on the year that was. How have you personally grown this year? What further opportunities are there for growth and development in the New Year? What have you achieved in 2019? What achievements did you miss out on, and in what ways can you ensure you achieve your goals in 2020? What have you contributed to your family, your College and your community? What more do you want to contribute next year? Which successful practices have you been able to sustain this year? How do you plan to continue to sustain important habits and behaviours in 2020?

With only a couple of weeks left to prepare for Christmas, let’s remember to make a little time and room for the more spiritual reason for the season.  Amidst the buying of special foods and wrapping of presents, let’s consider food and gifts for the needy families among us and beyond, and maybe donate a gift or two to the St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal or to Caritas (two charities the College contributes to each year). In all the cleaning and preparing of homes for the festive season, let’s consider the state of our hearts, and maybe make time to experience the sacrament of reconciliation or to seek forgiveness from someone we’ve hurt or become alienated from. Perhaps we could make the effort to go to Mass or a service at Church. And, as we compile our Christmas wish lists, let’s pause to reflect on all the gifts and blessings we have in the people and experiences of our lives and in ourselves, and give thanks to God.

Let’s remember that we are preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Have a very happy and holy Christmas, and I look forward to connecting with many of you again in the New Year.

God bless.





Mr Chris Wallace