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Principal’s ReportPosted in Principal's Report on Friday, 7 December, 2018

Dear Mandurah Catholic College Community

New Strategic College Plan 2019-2021

Last week the College launched the New Strategic Plan for 2019-2021 during the Secondary and Primary Speech and Awards nights.  From June of last year until the beginning of Term 4 this year, and in partnership with the College Board, we focussed on the College’s New Strategic Plan.  A copy is available to each family on the College website so that you are informed of what OUR College is looking at over the next three years.

I would like to highlight the four major areas of focus for OUR College:

Area 1 is to Grow
Seeking Truth in Our personal development and wellbeing, where we will pursue this through growth and learning plans that support the needs and aspirations of all students and staff.

Area 2 is to Achieve
Seek Truth in Our learning, where we will pursue this through a commitment to academic rigour, collaboration and evidence-based decision making.

Area 3 is to Contribute
Seek Truth in Our relationships, where we will pursue this through a commitment to live out our core values, serve and work with others.

Area 4 is to Sustain
Seek Truth in Our stewardship of resources, where we will pursue this through excellent planning, governance and responsible stewardship of our resources.

We want this Plan to be a living document where you hear about it every day and are embedded in what we do – I look forward to this Plan being a life-giving force for the College.

 Final Newsfeed for 2019

As this is our final Newsfeed for the year, I wish all families a happy and holy Christmas, and thank you for your ongoing support of the College during 2018.

With only a couple of weeks left to prepare for Christmas, let’s remember to make a little time and room for the more spiritual reasons for the season.  Amidst the buying of special foods and wrapping of presents, let’s consider food and gifts for the needy families among us and beyond, and maybe donate a gift or two to the St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal or to Caritas.  In all the cleaning and preparing of our homes for the festive season, let’s consider the state of our hearts, and maybe make time to experience the sacrament of reconciliation or to seek forgiveness from someone we’ve hurt or become alienated from. Perhaps we could make the effort to go to Mass or a service at church. And as we compile our Christmas wish lists, let’s pause to reflect on all the gifts and blessings we have in the people and experiences of our lives and in ourselves, and give thanks to God.

Let’s remember that we are preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Have a very happy and blest Christmas.



Mr Chris Wallace
College Principal



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