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Remembrance DayPosted in College Community,Houses,Uncategorized on Monday, 11 November, 2019

Students from St Bernadette’s House visited the Brightwater nursing home at the Cove, Mandurah for their Remembrance Day service.

The Year 7 Choir students (Julian Agaloos, Katie Callan, Niamh Connolly, Elizabeth Eppen Van DerAa, Katelyn Hall, Indiana Heales, Lindie Kellerman, Mikaylee Magno and Sophia Mains) attended and sang I’ll Never Find Another You and Homeward Bound.

Year 11s students Remy Deleo, Phoebe Taylor and Florjean Bautista were present to lay the wreaths.

St Bernadette’s students have been visiting Brightwater, the Cove for many years as part of their House Mission. The College received a letter from Petina Beckman from Brightwater last month, thanking the College for all the visits St Bernadette’s students make. Ms Beckman described how much the residents enjoy the student visits, “Many of our residents don’t get many visitors, and for many, this could be their only opportunity to be able to go to our local park. I know most of the residents continue to talk about your visits for days afterwards. I estimated that during the 14 years that the program has been running, St Bernies students have helped with about 1400 trips to the park for our beautiful residents.”

“Thank you so much for taking the time to volunteer at Brightwater, the Cove again this year! You guys really are a highlight for many of our residents. The students ALWAYS conduct themselves professionally and kindly.”