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Secondary Speech and Awards 2019Posted in Achievements,Secondary on Friday, 6 December, 2019

2019 St Peter’s House Ministry Captain, Micaela Lazaroo was awarded the Holy Family Medal at the annual Speech & Awards Presentation Evening on Tuesday.

Considered the most prestigious award at Mandurah Catholic College, the Holy Family Medal is awarded to the student who completes Year 12 with consistent application and maximum effort in all subjects, has achieved excellent results in Religious Education and is consistently involved in at least two areas of either Cultural, Ministry or Sport within the College. The medal also rewards community and parish involvement and positive leadership.

Micaela also received the Proxime Accessit (ATAR) award, given to a Year 12 students who achieves the second top overall performance based on their predicted ATAR score.

St Patrick’s Ministry Captain, Jamie Boukaseff, was named College Dux, an award based on predicted ATAR score as to who will achieve the best overall performance in his or her subjects.

Other major award recipients:

Sport Leadership Award – Olivia Bassett-Scarfe (Sport Prefect)
Cultural Leadership Award – Mark Ajero (Cultural Prefect)
Student Leadership Award – Senzeni Zulu (Communications Prefect), Georgia Wyllie (St Joseph’s House Prefect), Jasmin Allan (St Mary’s House Prefect), Kellie Craig (St Patrick’s Sport Captain), Jethro Fry (St Monica’s Communications Captain) and Matthew McConville
Principal’s Award for Leadership – Harrison Klasztorny (Head Boy) and Jamie-Ann Madigan (Head Girl)
Proxime Accessit (VET) – Jenson Chattaway
Dux of VET Program – Kirra Strack
Award for Excellence in Vocational Education and Training – Orla Leahy
Trainee of the Year Award – Stephen Marsh
Community Service Award – Jamie-Anne Madigan (Head Girl)
Christian Leadership Award – Larissa O’Malley

Major Year 11 award recipients:

Tuckey Trust General Excellence Scholarship – Indi McClements
Caltex All Rounder Award – Shaun Humble
Catenians’ Association Christian Leadership Award – Miguel Ajero
Chanel Dufall Memorial Improvement Award – Caitlin Stander

General awards and scholarships for students in Years 7- 10

Lina Look Award for Academic Endeavour – Georgia Ashby

General Excellence:
Year 7 – Julian Agaloos
Year 8 – Asha Ranson
Year 9 – Hannah Stenchion
Year 10 – Kiara Hobbs

Christian Leadership Award:
Year 7 – Caiden Martin
Year 8 – Arianne Norris
Year 9 – Jerome Hilary Nath
Year 10 – Emma Clulow

MCC Sport Bursary – 2020
Year 7 – Brienna O’Sullivan, Lexcen King, Sidney Ashby, Tahlia Tuckey and Bronte Mladineo
Year 10 – Jenna Rubie, Jazmin Harry, Ava Latter, Tessa Liddington and Ethan O’Sullivan

Mandurah Catholic College The Arts Bursary – 2020
Year 7 – Bronwen Jones (Vocals)
Year 8 – Elizabeth Eppen-VanDerAa (Vocals), Julian Agaloos (Vocals), Bailee West (Dance), Ruby Pattrick (Dance), Imogen Larnach (Musical Theatre) and Binti Christensen (Dance)
Year 9 – Chelsea Wood (Flute) and Tegan Taylor (Dance)
Year 10 – Tyson Gallagher (Trumpet), Isaak Gallagher (Clarinet), Eva Fiebig (Vocals) and Catrin Lewis (Dance)
Year 12 – Ava Berryman (Dance)

Bella Perry Music Scholarship – 2020
Year 8 –
Sophia Mains (Clarinet)
Year 9 –
Alexander Dixon (Drums), Marcus Tominson (Bass Guitar), Karoline Magpily (Violin)
Year 12 –
Alyssa Lewis (Piano) and Abbey Harvey (Sax)

MCC Aboriginal Scholarship – 2020
Year 7 – Ava Wilkinson and Taylah Platell

MCC Academic Scholarship – 2020
Year 7 – Lilli Richards
Year 10 – Dillon Teo

Year 11 Course Awards

Accounting & Finance ATAR – Cameron Griffin
Applied Information Technology General – Adam Marsh
Biology ATAR – Niamh Medlam
Career & Enterprise General – Isaac Lowe
Certificate II Engineering – Metal – Cian Lumley-Boyle
Certificate III Music – Ethan Farbey
Children, Family and Community General – Liana Bradmore
Chemistry ATAR – Michael Sowerbutts
Design ATAR – Niamh Medlam
Drama ATAR – Tom Crocker
Drama General – Arian Kaeding
English ATAR – Ella Narido
Food Science & Technology General – Ella Deleo
Geography ATAR – Alanna Beckwith
History Modern ATAR – Neeve Campbell
Human Biology ATAR – Sophie Ward
Integrated Science General – Caitlin Murphy
Literature ATAR – Phoebe Taylor
Maths Applications ATAR – Niamh Medlam
Maths Essential General – Sophie Johansen
Maths Methods ATAR – Daniel Teo
Maths Specialist ATAR – Daniel Teo
Media Production & Analysis General – Isaac Lowe
Media Production & Analysis ATAR – Tom Crocker
Outdoor Education ATAR – Shaun Humble
Outdoor Education General – Ruby Allen
Physical Education ATAR – Shaun Humble
Physical Education General – Ruby Allen
Physics ATAR – Shaun Humble
Psychology ATAR – Phoebe Taylor
Religion & Life ATAR – Daniel Teo
Religion & Life General – Abby De Sando
Visual Arts ATAR – Taylor Gollan
Visual Arts General – Phoebe Taylor
Workplace Learning – Jacob Medlam

Year 10 Course Awards

Australian Rules Football – Jye Martelli
Certificate II Business – Bailey Williams
Certificate II Finance – Tatiana Cocivera
Design – Errus Narido
Digital Technology – Bryce Allen
Design Technology Food – Sarah Lea
Design Technology Materials – Metal – Joel Smith
Design Technology Materials – Wood (Minor) – Sean Burgos
Design Technology Materials – Wood (Major) – Jacinta Harley
Design Technology – Textiles – Pattawikan Hanwong
Drama – Maya Masniak
Endeavour Award – Keegan Wilson
English – Tori Wood
Health Education – Emma Clulow
Humanities & Social Sciences – Tori Wood
Italian – India Jarvis
Mathematics – Kiara Hobbs
Mathematics Extension – Ben Hollow
Media (Minor) – Kael McGowan
Media (Major) – Tori Wood
Outdoor Education – Ben Riebeseel
Physical Education (Minor) – Jarrah Cecilio
Physical Education (Major) – Kiara Hobbs
Psychology – Stacey Love-Nally
Religion – Stacey Love-Nally
Science – Kiara Hobbs
Science Extension – Sean Burgos
Visual Arts (Minor) – Andriae Madeo
Visual Arts (Major) – Hannah O’Keeffe

Year 9 Course Awards

Dance – Catrin Lewis
Design – Molly Donegan
Design Technology Food Unit A – Hannah Stenchion
Design Technology Food Unit B – Natalia Sorgiovanni
Design Technology Materials Unit A – Hayden Alcorn
Design Technology Materials Unit B – Molly Donegan
Design Technology Textiles Unit A – Kendra Howells
Design Technology Textiles Unit B – Adele Mann
Digital Technology Unit A – Connor Thompson
Digital Technology Unit B – Xander Hersov
Drama Unit A – Meg Bourke
Drama Unit B – Blair Price-Morgan
Endeavour Award – Lily-Mae Muir
English – Hannah Stenchion
Health Education – Dillon Teo
Humanities & Social Sciences – Hannah Stenchion
Italian – Meg Bourke
Mathematics – William Lambert
Media Unit A – Kayne Searle
Media Unit B – Ryan Ashford
Music Unit A – Allyson Wheeler
Music Unit B – Roland Levinson
Outdoor Education Unit A – Harrison Boyd
Outdoor Education Unit B – Emily O’Malley
Physical Education – Joel Rush
Religion – Dillon Teo
Science – Hannah Stenchion
Science Extension – Dillon Teo
Specialised Sport – Touch Rugby – Luke Gill
Specialised Sport – Triathlon – Hayden Alcorn
Specialised Sport – Volleyball – Joseph Bennett
Visual Arts Unit A – Adele Mann
Visual Arts Unit B – Jazmin Gowdie

Year 8 Course Awards

Dance Unit A – Chelsea Wood
Dance Unit B – Shayla McDonald
Digital Technology Semester 1 – Emily Ward
Digital Technology Semester 2 – Karoline Magpily
Drama Unit A – Brayla Melder
Drama Unit B – Monique McGough
Design Technology Food Unit A – Emily Lenzarini
Design Technology Food Unit B – Kiara Ritchie
Design Technology Materials Semester 1 – Mia McClements
Design Technology Materials Semester 2 – Ashley Hodges
Design Technology Textiles Unit A – Jayellen O’Brien
Endeavour Award – Cash Treen
English – Karoline Magpily
Health Education – Allanah Glatzel
Humanities & Social Sciences – Mia McClements
Italian – Olivia Utley
Mathematics – Mia McClements
Media Unit A – Dawn Lim
Media Unit B – Dhipa Kandel
Music Unit A – Marcus Tomlinson
Music Unit B – Karoline Magpily
Outdoor Education – Lilli Jennings
Physical Education – Ryan Bizzell
Religion – Emily Ward
Science – Karoline Magpily
Science Extension Unit A – Ashlee Norwood
Science Extension Unit B – Riley Cunico-Becker
Specialised Sport – Basketball – Lewis Shaw
Specialised Sport – Netball – Kaitlyn Srhoj
Visual Arts Unit A – Karoline Magpily
Visual Arts Unit B – Tianah Jennings

Year 7 Course Awards

Dance – Jazlyn Read
Digital Technology Semester 1 – Sophia Mains
Digital Technology Semester 2 – Neerav Shrestha
Drama – Jessica O’Connor
Endeavour Award – Riley Burns
English – Amisha Mathew
Food & Textiles Technology – Lindie Kellerman
Humanities & Social Sciences – Julian Agaloos
Health Education – Marley Archer
Italian – Julian Agaloos
Mathematics – Antonie Kluczniak
Media – Katelyn Hall
Music – Julian Agaloos
Project-Based Learning Semester 1 – Isla Edwards
Project-Based Learning Semester 2 – Julian Agaloos
Physical Education – Henry Jolley
Religion – Elizabeth Eppen-Van Der Aa
Science – Tahnee Marchetti
Visual Arts – Ricki Hiller

Attendees were treated to several musical numbers by the Rock Bands, the choir and Dance Extension students.