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MCC Inter-School Sports Policy

The Mandurah Catholic College Sport Program has been established to further assist our students to achieve their full potential. It embraces both intra-school and Inter-School sports and seeks to foster, encourage and value the qualities of team work and sportsmanship and to develop self-esteem and a sense of community in our students. Traditional values of respect, fairness, responsibility and resilience are also developed by student participation in sport.

Participation in Inter-School sport, in particular, enables the school community to develop and promote a strong sense of identity. The College seeks to develop a culture and attitude to sport that encourages all students to compete and represent the College at Inter-School events. Students are also encouraged to develop new skills and pursue excellence in their own performance.

Students who excel in sporting endeavours also have opportunities to participate in State representative teams and National school events. Active support of MCC policies and standards by both parents and students participating in the College Sport program are essential if the College’s broader educational and personal development objectives are to be achieved.