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St Bernadette’s Feast Day CelebrationPosted in College Community,Houses on Friday, 10 May, 2019

Mandurah Catholic College celebrated St Bernadette’s Feast Day on Wednesday.

The day commenced with liturgies in both Primary and Secondary school. Staff shared a morning tea prepared by the St Bernadette’s staff and later, all St Bernadette’s students and staff shared a sausage sizzle lunch cooked by the Year 12 St Bernadette’s Leadership team and Head of House, Mr Tiernan O’Rourke.

St Bernadette is one of six saints who are honoured in the College’s House system.  Each House is named after a particular saint and that saint’s attributes and values are embraced by the House and embodied in its House Mission. St Bernadette’s Mission is Brightwater Aged Care Facility. Students visit Brightwater after school and interact with the residents, often taking them for a supervised walk or playing board games with them. Visiting Brightwater encourages the students to develop and show empathy and consideration. Selected students also visit Brightwater for special events throughout the year such as Anzac Day and Remembrance Day services.

The St Bernadette’s House motto is “Aspire to the Stars” (Latin: Per Aspera Ad Astra). The House crest includes rosary as Saint Bernadette is often depicted in prayer with a rosary or appealing to the Holy Virgin.

St Mary’s, St Monica’s, St Joseph’s, St Patrick’s and St Peter’s are the five other Houses at Mandurah Catholic College.

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