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St Joseph’s Feast DayPosted in Houses,Whole College on Monday, 16 March, 2020

St Joseph’s House Saint is Joseph, a carpenter who worked very hard to provide for his family. He was the earthly father of Jesus who he loved as he was entrusted to him. Joseph acts as a leader and role model within our house and is someone who we, as members of St Joseph’s House, aspire to mirror through his affectionate characteristics.

St Joseph’s House Mission involves baking and selling cupcakes after school to raise money for Telethon, with all funds going to the Princess Margaret Hospital Children’s Medical Research Foundation. Our House Mission is a way for the Joseph’s community to step out of our way to show our charitable support and assist those who are less fortunate than us, similar to the sacrifices made by Joseph to provide for his family. “St Joseph’s House mission is a fun way to spend your afternoon but also a fulfilling experience working towards a much-needed cause within our community” (Shaun Humble, Year 12 Sport Prefect).

St Joseph’s House Motto is “Fidem in Deum”, meaning, “Our faith in God”. The House Shield Emblem consists of two white doves, alluding to when Joseph took Jesus to the Temple and offered two turtledoves as a sacrifice as he could not afford a lamb. St Joseph’s House Colour is white, symbolic of the goodness and purity within our house and is represented by the colour of the doves on the House Shield.

Jayden Skov
Year 12 Student, St Joseph’s House