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St Monica’s House Wheel-a-thonPosted in Achievements,Houses on Friday, 9 August, 2019

We had over 100 students from Years 5 to 12 attend the St Monica’s Wheel-A-Thon on Wednesday after school.

There were 8 teams of mixed year groups that completed 5 activities.  At each station they had to not only complete the activity but also demonstrate an ability to move themselves out of the wheelchair onto benches, chairs or highchairs. The students gained a greater understanding of life in a wheelchair.

Students also made 32 lap blankets – many thanks to Mrs Daly – and raised $2,300.25

On Monday 10 students will represent St Monica’s House up at the Wheelchairs for Kids factory. Here they will see first-hand where the wheelchairs are made and how the packing process for distribution is done. We will be filming this event so as to share the experience with the House at our next assembly.

Miss Carron Thornton
St Monica’s Head of House

“I really had fun doing the M&M’s with the chopsticks and getting pushed around in the wheelchairs.” Jake Smith – Year 4

“My favourite thing in the Wheel-a-thon was working as a team with the high school students and going on the wheelchair.”  Allirah Young – Year 5

“I am now more aware since I got to experience to not use my legs in transferring from the wheelchair to the ground and other places.”  Mark Ajero – Year 12

“The Wheel-a-thon has taught me that people who cannot use their legs would be grateful to use the wheelchairs.  Alex Garbin – Year 9

“I thought that the Wheel-a-thon was a great experience this year because we actually got to experience what the cildren living with these diabilities have to experience in their daily lives. Karoline Magily – Year 8

“The highlight of the Wheel-a-thon was the agility course and it taught me how hard it must be to monouver around in a wheechair if you needed one.” Austin Black – Year 8

“I didn’t know how difficult it was to be in a wheelchair, but crawling around on the ground on the ground was more so.” Jethro Fry – Year 12

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