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St Patrick’s Feast DayPosted in Houses,Ministry,Whole College on Thursday, 14 March, 2019

Mandurah Catholic College turned green today with the St Patrick’s Feast Day celebration!

The day commenced with a Secondary liturgy that saw all St Patrick’s House members pray together and reflect on their patron saint’s achievements. Staff shared a morning tea prepared by the St Patrick’s staff and the Year 12 St Patrick’s Leadership team and Head of House, Mr Matthew Hall, then barbecued a Sausage Sizzle luncheon for all St Patrick’s members – Primary and Secondary students and staff – to enjoy together. The Primary school students then had their liturgy conducted by Father Anson.

St Patrick is one of six saints who are honoured in the College’s House system – each House is named after a particular saint and that saint’s attributes and values are embraced by the House and embodied in its House Mission. St Patrick’s Mission is The Canvas Bag Project, which supports homeless people in the Mandurah community.

The motto adopted by St Patrick’s House is “Strive to Succeed” (Latin: Nituntur Ad Succedunt) and its symbol is a shamrock, which is also the symbol of St Patrick, patron saint of Ireland. St Patrick worked to convert thousands of people to Christianity and built many churches in his home country. He used the shamrock to explain the importance of the Holy Trinity – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit – during his teachings on Christianity.

Other Houses at Mandurah Catholic College bear the names of St Mary, St Monica, St Joseph, St Bernadette and St Peter.

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