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St Peter’s Feast DayPosted in Houses,Whole College on Thursday, 27 June, 2019

Mandurah Catholic College celebrated St Peter’s Feast Day today, with the grey skies reflecting the colour of the celebrated House!

The day commenced with a Secondary school liturgy for the students of St Peter’s House and staff then shared a beautiful morning tea prepared by the St Peter’s House staff. Later, the Primary School attended a prayer service and all St Peter’s House students and staff shared a sausage sizzle lunch cooked by the Year 12 St Peter’s Leadership team and Head of House, Mr Kieran McCabe.

St Peter is one of six saints who are honoured in the College House system. Each House is named after a particular saint and that saint’s attributes and values are embraced by the House and embodied in its House Mission. St Peter’s Mission is to support those suffering from Alzheimers’ Disease. A particular focus is Ella’s House in Greenfields, a local relief centre run by Alzheimers Australia.

The St Peter’s House motto is “Be Your Best” (Latin: Vestri Optimus). The House crest includes overlapping keys which represent Peter’s authority as the leader of the twelve apostles and the head of the early church.

St Bernadette’s, St Mary’s, St Monica’s, St Joseph’s and St Patrick’s are the five other Houses at Mandurah Catholic College.