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Staff Profile – Lorraine KinghamPosted in College Community,Staff Profile on Friday, 17 May, 2019

Tell us about your family:
My Keith is our rock, we have been married for 30 years and have three children, Jessica (27), Jake (25) and Kane(23). Our three all attended MCC (which was sometimes challenging as I worked here!). I consider us a close but honest family. Often I wish that we could go back to when it was just the five of us, however, we re-group (just the five of us) from time to time so I can get my fix! Our Jess is a hairdresser and is commencing Nursing at Murdoch in July, Jake is a very experienced Car Salesman (currently at Mazda Mandurah if you want a good deal!) and Kane is in the Navy (just been promoted to Leading Seaman). All in all am grateful and proud of my lot in life.

What about your education:
I schooled at St Joseph’s Primary School, St Edward The Confessor Middle School and St Bedes Secondary School in England. I have 8 GCSEs – Maths, English, Religion, Geography, Biology, German, French and Home Economics. I have a Diploma in Business Studies (UK) and an Advanced Diploma of Management (Australia).

Tell us about your history with MCC:
We moved to Mandurah in 2001. Our two boys commenced the College in Year 3 and Year 1 that year with Jess being accepted in 2002 in Year 6. I commenced working as the Principal’s Assistant in August 2004 and have been in the same role from day one. I have had four Principals in my time. The job is extremely rewarding. I enjoy the challenges and pace.

What did you do before MCC?
I worked at the Shire of Murray, Executive Assistant to the Director of Technical Services

What do you in the community?
Socialising and being friendly! Board member at Pat Thomas House.

Tell us about your passion:
My passion, especially as I get older, is to make the most out of life and all that it brings.

What are you listening to/ watching/ reading right now?
Listening – at home Keith and I love listening to The Wave 91.7FM
Listening – in the car – Luther Vandross
Watching – just finished Peaky Blinders

What is your greatest achievement?
Keeping my Keith!

What do you love about our College?
When you need a friend – there are many there to step in!

What are your plans for the future?
Retire from MCC after an enjoyable time here!

What is your favourite MCC memory and why?
The day I started work. I was so proud of myself. Now I feel privileged to be part of the growth of the College and grateful that I still love my job as I did when I commenced.

Sum up your life right now in five (5) words:
Christ-centered, grateful, loved-up, new-beginnings and reminiscent.

One way you hope to impact the College in the future:
It will be a huge impact when I retire!