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Staff Profile – Jeff O’NeillPosted in College Community,Staff Profile on Friday, 12 April, 2019

Tell us about your family:
My wife Lauren and I have a daughter and a son. They are five (5) and two (2), and their names are Josie and Arthur. We also have another boy due in May. We love to spend weekends together out and about, family time is very important to us.

What about your education:
I have a teaching degree with an English Major and a Media Minor.

Tell us about your history with MCC:
I completed my PRAC at MCC, and was thrilled to return as a university graduate. This is currently my sixth of teaching and during my time here I have been teaching Literature, English and Media.

What did you do before MCC?
Before I finished my university degree, I spent a few years figuring out what I really wanted to do. I worked many different jobs before I figured out just what that was. Some of the things I did were: airport baggage handler, delivery driver, labourer, forklift driver, stock picker, warehouse receivals clerk and furniture mover, amongst other things.

What do you in the community?
I’m heavily involved in social football and have been the president of Challenger FC football club for the past three (3) years. I usually play every year, but have decided to take the season off this year.

Tell us about your passion:
Teaching Literature is my passion. Getting paid to read and talk about books is a dream job. It’s even more rewarding when you have a class full of eager and passionate Literature students who also enjoy to read and talk about books.

What are you listening to/ watching/ reading right now? I’m reading ‘Sorry’ by Gail Jones, listening to ‘Beware of the Dogs’ by Stella Donnelly and catching up on lots of ‘oscar season’ movies as well as (nervously) watching Liverpool every weekend in the EPL.

What is your greatest achievement?
I guess it sounds pretty corny, but my two children (one more on the way!)

What is the single most important thing you learnt at school?
I learnt that I am more than a number.

What do you love about our College?
I love the staff here because they are passionate about their job and really care about the students.

What are your plans for the future?
At the moment I’m pretty focused on teaching and raising my children. Though I think sometime in the future I will go back to university to gain some extra qualifications and broaden my horizons.

One way you hope to impact the College in the future: To encourage students to follow their passion. Literature and Media are great outlets for creative expression, and if a student can leave my classroom feeling inspired or motivated, then I can feel happy that I’ve played a part in that and made a positive impact on their life. 

What is your favourite MCC memory and why?
My favourite MCC memory is receiving a special jacket from my Year 12 Literature class as a thank you for the two years I had taught them.

Sum up your life right now in five (5) words:
Busy, hectic. But also rewarding.