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Staff Profile – Jackie WilkiePosted in College Community,Staff Profile on Friday, 29 March, 2019

Tell us about your family: I have 2 amazing kids, Jacob (a former MCC student-Class of 2017) who is 19 and Taylor who is 16. Given I’m an American transplant, all my family are abroad in Michigan. – I have made some amazing friends here as well!

What about your education/ qualifications? I have a Cert IV in Business and have been working in office/finance positions since I was 15.

Tell us about your history with MCC: I was hired in March 2011 (8 years ago!). It was my first job since moving to Australia and I have learned so much about education practices as well as the Australian way of life! I’ve also met some great friends here!

What did you do before MCC? Lived in the USA, stay at home Mum for 8 years, worked at several places in Michigan (Country radio station, City of Alpena payroll, a medical home care business)

Tell us about your passion: Now as I near a certain age-related milestone 😉, I have become more passionate about getting out & seeing the world by planning many trips over the last few years and into the future.

What are you listening to/ watching/ reading right now? Listening: Radio to/from work and the occasional Korean pop tunes raging out of my daughter’s bedroom! Watching: The new Chicago series (Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, etc) So addictive! Also Shameless. Reading: Who has time to read anything besides the weekly sales papers?

What is your greatest achievement? My kids – no question.

What is the single most important thing you learnt at school? Prioritising my schooling/homework with my social life

What do you love about our College? I work in an amazing area with the most awesome ladies who truly work together as a TEAM! Thanks, girls! I have also witnessed first hand with having Jacob here how much our staff really supports our students and goes above and beyond each time to ensure they have the best of everything here at MCC! So kudos to all of you that helped Jake in one capacity or another over the years!

What are your plans for the future? Hmmm….to continue living my life, traveling, being healthier

One way you hope to impact the College in the future: I hope to continue to utilise my skills in finance to ensure our department runs as smoothly as possible!

What is your favourite MCC memory and why? When my son graduated in 2017 – I was one proud Mum!

Sum up your life right now in five (5) words: Happy, Loved, Content, Curious, Tired

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