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Visual Art

Visual art at MCC promotes arts learning where self-expression and creative exploration take place. Students are encouraged to represent their ideas through a variety of art forms, techniques and media in a well-resourced art studio space.

Primary School art encourages visual thinking and emphasises art expression through curiously and exploration with art media. Art creation becomes an extension of student imagination and where tactile techniques can be enjoyed.

Year 7’s are introduced to a general art course in which they are encouraged to develop their art appreciation through practical and theoretical study of the elements of art. Completed art work will be presented in the student art exhibition held each year.

Year 8 – 10 students have the opportunity to build on previous art skills, or chose art as a new option. The courses will see students use a broader range of art media, skills and techniques, while responding to art in the world around them. This will likely include art incursions, giving students exposure to practicing artists in the community.

In Year 10 Art can be chosen as an option and is offered in both Minor (2 periods a week) and Major classes (4 periods a week). Art Major will look into more individual art concepts in readiness for the secondary art courses.

Both Visual Art ATAR and Visual Art General courses are offered in Year 11 and 12.

The culmination of all student artwork will be included in the annual student art exhibition show casing the creative talents and work practices of all student artists across Kindergarten to Year 12. This is a community event that has become a popular opening night evening where the visual arts are celebrated alongside Music, Dance, Drama and Media student work.

Art incursions and special projects
Across the year art students can also be expected to participate in extra projects that take place in the department. Whether it be in design or production students have opportunities to work with artists and experts’ gaining greater insights into the discipline.