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Students Run Touch Rugby with Super ResultsPosted in Sport on Friday, 13 September, 2019

The Year 10 Physical Education Major cohort have been running their own Sports Education in Physical Education Program competition of Touch Rugby for the whole of Term 3. The students from Mr Macdonald, Miss Fourie and Mr Lacey’s classes who have taken on roles such as Coach, Captain, Publicity and Records Officer, Equipment and Team Manager, Umpire, Timer and Scorer (controlled by an elected Sports Board) also designed, sourced and made their uniforms for their respective teams.

The students were selected by a player draft into the following teams, which they named:

  • Italian Stallions
  • Nolzies McNuggets
  • Blue Balenciagas
  • Nexjs (Nexus)
  • Poppaloticus
  • West Coast Bombers
  • Deadly Daschunds

The teams are currently running finals with Best Player Awards, Most Improved Player and a Premiership Team to be awarded at the conclusion of the competition.

The same group of students will repeat the procedure during Term 4, this time planning and executing their own Basketball competition.

We wish the Year 10s the best of luck!


Match Reports for 26 August 

Nolzies McNuggets took on Nexjs in their first game on a sunny afternoon on 26 August. Tyson Deans loudly blew his whistle and the game began. It was a rough first five minutes for us with Nexjs scoring 2 tries right under our noses. The next 15 minutes into the game consisted of the ball moving back and forth for both teams as well as Tyson having some trouble using the whistle that he held so tightly in his hands. Finally, in the second half Nolzies McNuggests woke up and smoothly scored 3 tries to bring the game back to life. With continuous turnovers, eventually Nolzies McNuggets as a team worked together as attackers to swiftly move the ball forward to the 5 metre line with 3 touches remaining before a turnover. On the fourth touch, Noah McWilliams unexpectedly came out of nowhere and bolted on the right wing passing defenders left, right and centre to score a magnificent try but unfortunately was robbed by the umpire. From this devastation, confusion and anger spread throughout the members of Nolzies McNuggets while Nexjs cleverly grabbed the ball quickly and ran with it. Fortunately, Nolzies McNuggets picked up their act and got a touch on Nexjs before they could score but unfortunately Nexjus eventually manoeuvred their way through us and got the ball on the try line to level the playing field. With the score 3-3, Nolzies McNuggets fiercely ran through the middle, positioning themselves smartly for our wingers to get a try. The ball was then swung out of Georgia Ashby’s hands into Noah’s and like a flash he was at the try line with the ball with no defenders in sight. After the ball had been placed down, the whistle blew but not for the call we had hoped for but for the call of a touch 10 metres back! Frustration was in the air with Nolzie’s McNuggets as this could be their first loss or draw throughout the competitive tournament. With not enough time or touches left, a turnover occurred and no try was scored. In the end, Mr Macdonald’s arm was raised and the air horn was heard across all 3 playing fields signifying all games had ended. The final score was 3-3 with a deserving Max Hope-Yates of Nexjs being awarded best on ground for the match. – Elissa Cates


On Monday 26August, the Year 10 PE Major class conducted two further rounds in the 2019 Touch Competition. Blue Balenciagas took on the Italian Stallions in the first fixture of the day on this sunny August afternoon. Blue Balenciagas started with the ball which lead to a turnover from touches which was shortly followed by a contested score by the Italian Stallions. Blue Balenciagas ran it back to the middle and took off with the ball drawing the Italian Stallions to the right side of the field. Then with some long, fast passes to the left, Billie Banks-Smith scored a try for her team. Now with a tied score, the tension was high. The two teams battled it out with turnover after turnover from dropped balls, fumbles and touch passes, but soon enough Fin Larmour broke the tie and ran through a gap scoring the second try for his team. Blue Balenciagas continued working hard getting it right back down to their try line but they soon began to tire. After their sixth touch, Italian Stallions took back the ball and scored again via Jye Martelli leaving the score at 3-1. By the end of the game Fin had scored once again after running straight past Ben Gallant and the rest of the Blue Balenciagas pulling his team through to a 3 point win over the opposition. – Kiara Hobbs


Our team the Deadly Dachshunds played Poppaloticus in the first fixture of the day. It was a very strong and competitive game. In the first possession Poppaloticus turned the ball over leading to an easy score by the Deadly Dachshunds on the rebound by Jack. The first try by Jack put the Deadly Dachshunds on a roll. This led to Caleb scoring an easy try. Poppaloticus quickly responded back with Xavier Mann scoring the first try for his team. The next possession was in our favour. Whilst on the run, Jake threw a great pass to Sharlet Symons on the wing, scoring our third try for the game. The first half came to an end and the Deadly Dachshunds had a 3-1 lead. After the half time break the Deadly Dachshunds came back out onto the field firing. Their determination paid off with Caleb Murray scoring another try. However, Poppaloticus fought back with Lewis Scriven scoring an easy try due to the poor defence by the Deadly Dachshunds. The score was now 4-2. The Deadly Dachshunds weren’t happy with that. Jake ran the centre, giving the Deadly Dachshunds some pace. He passed the ball off to Jack Malycha, only to quickly receive it back on the run to score yet another try. Poppaloticus picked up their defence and were eager for the Deadly Dachshunds to make a mistake. Poppaloticus were focused on defence and caused the Deadly Dachshunds to turn the ball over. This led to Lewis scoring the third try for Poppaloticus. The score was now 5-3. They worked hard and put in the effort to get one final try. The Deadly Dachshunds ran the field and Jack used his moves to get ahead of the defence and score one last try for his team. The final score was 6-3 in favour of the Deadly Dachshunds. Despite what the scoreboard says Poppaloticus fought hard throughout the whole game. – Tori Ranson


In the second round for Monday, 26 August, our team Nolzies McNuggets had a bye with Darcy Wills reffing and myself scoring for the game, West Coast Bombers v. Poppaloticus. The West Coast Bombers started the scoring for the game getting up by two tries. Allthough being down by two, Poppaloticus came back strong scoring the next three tries. With their key player, Lewis Scriven, Poppaloticus were able to push through the opposing team due to his level of speed and agility. It was a pretty even game but when Poppaloticus subbed off Lewis and Sam West, two players that worked well together, the West Coast Bombers were able to come back, scoring another two tries. After half time, Poppaloticus scored another try, then another. Nearing the end of the game, the West Coast Bombers put on the pressure and scored a magnificent diving try from Cooper Davey. With only minutes left on the clock, the two teams were battling it out and playing hard. With the scores even at five all, Poppaloticus took advantage of the tired opposition and managed to score one last sneaky try bringing the scores to 6-5. Then, to the West Coast Bombers disappointment, the siren went and there was no time left to even out the scores. It was a great game for both teams with the West Coast Bombers going down by one try but I can’t wait to play both teams in the near future. – Jake Henderson