Support and Healing

Support & Healing

Element Aims
Responding to those who have been injured through abuse and harm and assisting them to heal.


Rosie the Wellbeing Dog

How this looks at Mandurah Catholic College

  • Students affected by abuse or harm are provided with care and access to counselling through the College Mental Health Nurse /College Counsellor and utilising external expertise or referring to external services.
  • Students affected by all forms of abuse are nurtured and supported through:
    – Continued support focussing on truth, humility and healing.
    – A holistic approach to ensure all involved are supported
    – The accused are responded to with fairness and objectivity.
  • Up-to-date records are maintained on Mandatory Reporting and Investigation Processes.
  • Pastoral Leaders are trained to respond to students that have suffered abuse and/or harm.