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Taylor Gollan Receives Special Praise for Visual Arts projectPosted in Achievements,Literacy,The Arts on Friday, 15 November, 2019

Taylor Gollan has received special praise for her Visual Arts project, featured in the Mandurah Catholic College art exhibition Genesis.

In Year 11 ATAR English, students undertake a unit of study on the extraordinary picture book The Rabbits. This seminal text was written in 1998 by renowned young adult fiction writer John Marsden and Australia’s pre-eminent artist Shaun Tan.

The Rabbits is an allegorical representation of the first contact between the British Empire (The Rabbits) and indigenous Australian (The Numbats!).

Taylor Gollan – as part a recent Visual Arts project – recently created an art piece, inspired by her study of The Rabbits.

Jenny Gotje from the Fremantle Arts Centre was able to send a photo of the display to Shaun Tan himself. His reply?

“That’s amazing work, and a completely different take on John’s text which is fascinating – very contemporary, well considered and crafted, and would not be out of place in any gallery exhibition touching on colonial themes. The concept hits you straight away but also rewards closer looking. Do pass on my appreciation!”

A note-worthy and remarkable achievement. Congratulations Taylor!

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