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Religious Education

Mandurah Catholic College is a Catholic learning community acting on behalf of the wider church community, and is particularly committed to the faith education of young people. The College community by its very nature will contribute to the faith development of its students. The religious education programme has as its overall aim the living of the Christian life in full.

Junior School students receive daily religious education lessons ranging from 15-30 minutes per day. In the Middle and Senior Schools, students receive 160 minutes of religious education per week.

Sacramental preparation is conducted in Year 3 for Reconciliation, in Year 4 for First Holy Communion, and in Year 7 for Confirmation. Parents are urged to participate in the Sacramental preparation programmes through parent information evenings and activities to complete at home with their child. Only Catholic children may receive these Sacraments, but all children will receive the same preparation for the Sacraments in class. It is expected that non-Catholic children will participate as fully as possible in these Sacramental preparation programmes.

Students in Years 9, 10 and 11 have a one day retreat and Year 12 students have an overnight retreat as part of their religious education experience. All secondary students are involved in preparation of prayer and reflection for their classes during the course of the year.