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The Arts

“The Cultural pillar of our College encourages our students to express themselves creatively in both the course domains and co-curricular opportunities. Music, Visual Arts, Dance and Drama offer programs that seek to extend our students in terms of personal excellence as well as experiencing great enjoyment and pleasure. The many and varied courses are dynamic, use state of the art practice and seek to give students a variety of opportunities throughout their high school journey. From a developed instrumental program, in house Art Exhibition, Drama Club and College productions that explore everything from musical theatre to Shakespeare, there is something for every student to enjoy in this dynamic area of College life.”.


Mandurah Catholic College Music Learning Area offers Classroom Music and Instrumental Programs for students in Pre Primary to Year 12.

Junior School Music (Years PP-6)

Junior School Classroom music programs emphasise vocal and aural skill development, promoting the importance of singing and listening. The Junior Choir, Training Band and Quest (music extension) programs offer students many opportunities to experience, explore and fulfil enjoyment in their music making.

Secondary School Music (Years 7-10)

All Year 7s are introduced to a general music course in which the basic concepts of rhythm, pitch, harmony and notation are experienced through the use of our class sets of guitars and keyboards. Digital recording and computer music programs are also introduced, utilising the apps Garage Band, Audacity and Sibelius.

Years 8, 9 and 10 students must select Music as an option and are offered both Minor (2 periods a week) and Major Classroom Music (4 periods a week). Students are encouraged to develop their musicianship through the study of the elements of music and the opportunities of performance in ensembles.

Senior Secondary School Music (Years 11-12)

Both ATAR Music and General Music Courses are offered to Year 11-12 students.

The Senior Choir is offered to all students in Years 7-12 on the condition that they commit to after-school rehearsals. Senior Choir is a great entry point to the Music Learning Area and will offer further opportunities to become involved in The Arts – music camp, the College Musical, assemblies and liturgies.

All Music students are encouraged to continue Instrumental lessons throughout their musical journey and are offered tuition in the following: piano, keyboard, guitar, violin, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone and drums. Vocal lessons are also offered. Students are encouraged to join at least one of the following ensembles that provide opportunities for public performance:
Senior Choir, Woodwind Ensemble, Vocal Ensemble, Rock Bands, Senior Concert Band, Guitar Ensemble, Swing Band, Recorder Ensemble, Training Band (Combined Primary) and Junior School Choir.

Instrumental Program

The Instrumental Program offered at the College attracts more than 140 students enrolled in private lessons annually. Enroling a child in the Instrumental Program requires an application form to be submitted to the Music Learning Area and enrolments are processed in Term Four in readiness for the coming year; late enrolments are accepted throughout the year.

Instrumental lessons are available in piano, keyboard, guitar, violin, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, tromobone and drums. Vocal lessons are also offered.

Students receive 32 lessons of 30-minute duration. Lerssons are held on a set day of the week, however the lesson times rotate each week ensuring the students do not miss the same class every week. Lessons can be scheduled during recess and lunch times and a limited number of lessons are offered after school. The cost of instrumental lessons is added to College fees.

The Annual Music Concert is held in Term Three and showcases the best of our instrumental and vocal students. Music recitals are also held each term giving students in the Instrumental Program the opportunity to perform and enhance their performance skills.

  • Application Forms and Proformas
  • Ensemble Timetable
  • Recitals
  • Annual Music Concert
  • Music Camp
  • Bi-Annual Musical
  • Liturgical Music
  • Music Scholarship Handbook
  • Instrumental Music Handbook



Students in Years 8 to 12 can study Drama and Theatre Studies is offered to Year 10 students wanting to experience music, dance and drama together in one subject.

Through our Drama courses, students can enjoy both practical and theoretical experiences, aimed at developing performance skills and a passion for the Arts. Theatre Studies students are asked to perform and develop live productions that are developed within the school.
Senior students can expect to experience real performance in our community by participating and enjoying events such as the Perth International Arts Festival (contemporary live performances) and the Catholic Performing Arts Festival, where Catholic Schools come together from around the State to compete and, more importantly, to celebrate the Arts together.

Younger students are able to participate in after-school performance programs such as Drama Club, which runs for Years 6 to 9 and is mentored and run by Senior Secondary students. This club aims to develop confidence and build performance skills as well as offer younger students the opportunity to perform to live audiences.

There are many performance opportunities for all students: The Middle Years Variety Night, which incorporates singing, dance and musical theatre; Senior Years Play, which aims at providing performance opportunity for classic acting students which in 2016 was the production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream; and Senior Musical, which offers musical theatre students the opportunity to perform for a live audience., which they did in 2016  with a sell-out season of the rock comedy musical, Little Shop of Horrors.

In 2017, MCC Drama hopes to stage a Whole School Production.  This event will see students from Junior School and Secondary School take to the stage at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre for a full scale musical production.