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The Year 12 Art General Mural InstallPosted in The Arts on Friday, 27 September, 2019

Yesterday all MCC secondary students bore witness to the final touches being applied to the collaborative Year 12 Art mural with one of our favourite visual artists, Luke O’Donohoe. Luke has guided students through the project since June, teaching skills and techniques with using aerosol effectively, alongside the principles of good design, to produce a large-scale artwork for the school community.

The mural is layered with over a hundred wooden slats, all produced by the Art students at a workshop day. They have been collated and woven into a contemporary design by Luke and house the words Clarity, Perseverance and Gratitude. These three words were selected by Mr Wallace and embed in them are values MCC students are encouraged to live by day to day.

This mural is a wonderful visual reminder for the students to live their day to their best with consideration of these values.

Luke’s expertise in design was also shared on the day with Mr Garbin’s Year 11 Design students. We thank Luke for all his hard work on this project and

Kerry Harrison
Art Teacher

Artist Luke O’Donohoe said, “So it just felt like a really good way to finish the project, rather than just leave it in the classroom, semi-incomplete. It was like ‘Let’s take it to its final stage and create a final artwork out of it.’ Then it particularly aligns with what I do as a mural artist and a public artist. Especially in this setting, it’s nice for the students to see it come together. I think it’s just nice for a workshop for a manifest itself into a piece of art, like some sort of tangible finish line. The feedback and response from the students has been really positive so far. Everyone seems pretty engaged and interested in it.”

Although Luke has done workshops before, this is only the second artwork installation he has been a part of initialising. “The students have such good ownership over the final product,” he said. “It’s just so much fun. So good to see the students getting around it.”

Student comments

Students were gathered around watching the install. Here’s what they had to say:

“Its good.  That’s cool that it’s going to be a permanent fixture.”

“I think it will be a good change instead of just bricks.”

“Its really good, I think it will make it more colourful, because that passageway is really dark.”

“I think the school could definitely do with more of this kind of thing. There’s too much yellow brick!”

“I appreciate the colour and also the use of the values.”

“I think it’s really cool. Very abstract.”

“Its pretty cool.”

“Its so cool the Year 12s have done this. Something to leave behind.”

“I particularly like the purple bit. It looks like the night sky.”

“I like the orange one with the green line in it.”

“I really like it.”

“There’s not a lot of this going on around the school. It’s going to be a nice addition.”

“Its going to bring a lot of colours”

“It’ll really draw people’s eye.”

“I want to walk through the school and see more of this”

“I think it’s cool”