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Tweakbox Use Banned at MCCPosted in College Community,Whole College on Friday, 12 April, 2019

This week a small number of Students in Years 5 and 6 have been found using the controversial app ‘Tweakbox’ (commonly known as the Jailbreak Alternative). Unfortunately the app itself not illegal because it’s developers have exploited a number of loop holes in Apple’s developer policies. However, this app is dangerous as it is often used to distribute pirated games and apps.  Students can be drawn to it because they can download free but hacked versions of Spotify, Minecraft, Pokemon GO etc (for more information please read this article). But when they install Tweakbox and download pirated apps through it they also receive A LOT  of Malware (spyware/stalkerware) in some instances they even allow remote access to their device (effectively allowing  a stranger full control of their device).

Bottom line – content available through Tweakbox is mostly pirated so the use of this app directly contravenes the College’s ICT Acceptable Use Policy and therefore is banned at the College. If a student is found using the app there will be consequences. In an effort to protect our students, all of their iPads at the College have been checked and verified by IT Support.

Furthermore, IT Support have blocked access to Tweakbox and other similar apps but we cant control what happens after hours.  If you suspect a your child is using Tweakbox please remove it at once (instructions found here) and please inform one of the MCC IT Support team.

Thank you for your support with this matter,

Mr Johnny Ho
MCC IT Support