Voice of the Child

Element Aims
Recognising each child or young person’s right to be heard and have a voice in all decisions affecting them


How this looks at Mandurah Catholic College:

  • Policies are developed with the student in mind.
  • Students are encouraged to voice their perspective and/or concerns through:
    – Student Voice’ – dedicated email address for students
    – SEQTA Forums
    – DIREQT Messages to teachers and key staff
    – Surveys – Exit Survey (Y12s), Wellbeing Survey, IT Survey, Positive Behaviours Survey, Keeping Safe Survey etc.
  • MCC Strategic Plan developed with student input.
  • School Improvement Plan developed with student input.
  • MCC Student Code of Conduct developed with student input.
  • Students participate in reviewing and implementing Policies and Programs.
  • Students are aware there are Policies and Procedures in place to support them.