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Year 11 Leadership CampPosted in Secondary on Friday, 6 September, 2019

The 2020 Year 12 Student Leaders participated in the annual Leadership Camp to bond together as a team and work on their leadership qualities. The camp, which was held at Fairbridge Village in Pinjarra this week, was attended by the newly appointed Head Prefects, Cultural, Ministry, Communication, Sport Prefects and House Prefects, along with the key members of College staff.

“DAY ONE OF CAMP – the six Houses were separated into three groups  and participated in activities such as high ropes, low ropes and a leap of faith. This challenged many of us having to conquer our fear of heights and withstand the wet weather Fairbridge had to offer. As well as the students, Ms Thornton and Mrs Hennessy were also challenged with the leap of faith, however Miss Sullivan and Mrs Merry were not convinced! Later that evening the students were joined by College Leadership Team members and Mrs Daly who, along with the Ministry team, organised a liturgy which was later followed by a yoga session by Mrs Hunter. This is where Mr McCarthy was able to show off his flexibility. After yoga, the Year 11s gathered around in the lounge room where Isaac Lowe played guitar while we demolished our snacks.

DAY TWO OF CAMP – was where we were able to build on our leadership skills. The Year 11 students were fortunate enough to hear Mrs Reynolds and Mr McCarthy’s leadership journeys and listen to a presentation by Miss Sullivan about public speaking and how to build and improve on our confidence. An ‘amazing race’ was put on which saw the students’ competitive side come out as we took on challenges in a team environment. Of course, St Peter’s and St Joseph’s took out first place. After lunch, the leaders were separated into our specialised areas of Sport, Ministry, Cultural, and Communications where we were joined by the current Year 12 leaders. This allowed us to gain an understanding of the expectations and roles we will take on next year.”

Ella Ward- 2020 Communications Prefect


“I really enjoyed high ropes as it gave me an opportunity to support others in the leadership team who were unsure and become closer with them. I also enjoyed the opportunity to talk to the current Head Prefect, Jamie-Ann, about how to balance expectations and work with others in the team and Year group, and get her advice and support.”

Indi McClements- 2020 Head Girl


“The Camp was a fantastic experience for the 2020 Year 12 leaders to be involved in activities, such as the tree top rope course, that required communication, teamwork and innovation to complete, in order to improve the skills necessary to become successful in our journey as leaders. The Camp was also a time for the leaders to bond and become a team, eating, sleeping, singing and chatting amongst each other in the downtime.”

Shaun Humle- 2020 Sports Prefect


“The Leadership Camp was a perfectly built day where all the leaders were able to become closer, talk about what our plans as leaders were and a day of having fun. The most memorable part of my camping experience is when I got to plan all the Cultural Events for 2020 with the rest of my Cultural team. Believe me when I say that in 2020… MCC will be revolutionised.”

Isaac Lowe- 2020 Cultural Prefect


“The Leadership Camp gave us an insight on the importance of teamwork and how as a leader it is essential to work effectively with others to attain growth and success. One of the activities that incorporated this was the Amazing Race. This activity challenged us to use our ability of communication and teamwork in order to overcome obstacles as a team. For me this was a meaningful activity because although it was challenging, we were able to have fun.”

Miguel Ajero- 2020 Ministry Prefect


“Leadership Camp brought me the opportunity to improve my communications skills with my peers and teachers and how to be supportive, effective, and efficient while working in a team. This is through the activities that we completed on Camp, such as the low ropes, high ropes, and rope swing which are engaging and enjoyable.”

Thomas Gurak- 2020 St Patrick’s Prefect


“I enjoyed the low ropes course, as it was through this activity that my teams communication skills were strengthened and trust was built. We had to rely on each other to get through a course full of narrow wires and had to trust that our teammates would catch us if we were to fall. We had to climb over literal walls and had to find creative ways to get around the obstacle course. The low ropes course was a physical manifestation of our leadership journey that we will be embarking on shortly that aided us in developing the necessary skills to make our journey a smooth one.”

Abbey Harvey- 2020 St Monica’s House Prefect


“The most meaningful activity for myself was our opportunity to create leadership posters with other leaders from our House. I found this to be meaningful as it was the first time we worked together on a project with our new teams. I learned how capable my St Bernadette’s team of Phoebe, Remy, Maye and Cameron are and how well they work together as a team with their encouragement and ideas. I look forward to working with each of them, along with the other leaders.”

Jackson Constantine- 2020 St Bernadette’s Prefect


“My favourite part of the Leadership Camp was being able to speak to the current Prefects and learn about the role from someone who has experienced the ups and downs of it first hand. They taught us what to expect, what not to expect and gave us an insight to the difficult aspects of the job but also the rewarding experiences. I now feel more confident becoming a prefect because I have more faith in myself that I will do a great job.”

Ruby Allen- 2020 St Peter’s Prefect







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