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Year 10 Course Counselling DayPosted in Academic,Secondary on Wednesday, 24 July, 2019

With student minds bursting with possibilities for the future, and parents’ heads full of questions, the Year 10 Course Counselling day saw many families considering their options. Heads of Year, Heads of Learning Area, Careers Counsellor Mrs Lynn Wilson, Timetable Coordinator Mrs Sonia Stephenson and members of the College Leadership Team were on hand for the interviews on Monday, which allowed parents and their Year 10 children to discuss their Semester One reports and their desired pathway forward.

Following on from the Year 10 Course Information Night, where information about ATAR and General pathways, along with the current university and TAFE courses were covered, the interviews allowed a more personal, tailored discussion to occur. For some students, they were starting with an idea about the general field of study they may be interested in pursuing after school. Others had a very clear idea about which course they want to study, however were unsure about how to ensure their best chances of acceptance into it. For others still, they were starting with very little confidence about how to proceed with course selection, or what they want to do after school.

The day was specifically designed to allow a three-way discussion where both parents and students could ask questions, clarify information and seek guidance from key members of staff. Topics discussed regularly throughout the day were specific courses that may suit a student’s interests, pre-requisites for university courses, how outside-of-school commitments may impact study and the challenges that lie ahead. College staff were also able to mitigate the process, managing expectations about course workloads, student capabilities and the required commitment level, after looking at their Semester One Report and course recommendations.

Head of Year 11, Mrs Louise Merry was one of the specialists counselling parents and students today. Mrs Merry saw the Course Counselling Day as “a fantastic opportunity for us to bring all of the information together. It can be hard for those parents who are going through this process for the first time or are finding the information overwhelming. Sitting and discussing the myriad of options allows parents and students to gain clarity and a more comprehensive understanding of the processes and pathways. It’s a conversation – a process of discussing the options and concerns. Guidance is the key benefit that today provides.”

Deputy Principal of Teaching and Learning Mr Paschal McCarthy confirmed “The session with parents is valuable time to discuss the future direction of their child. The parents are very much learning themselves about options post-schooling, including traditional and alternative pathways to get to university. What’s been healthy are the discussions that have been encouraged and have happened between parents and their child prior to this. To me what has been uplifting about this day is hearing the positive talk between family members about the direction of their child for year 11 and 12 and also post-schooling. Many students have left excited for the future, and with motivation and a healthy goal for their results in Semester Two.
“This day has been a culmination of career education classes, parent information nights, university and TAFE visits to the College as well as VET talks. In our experience as educators, we have been able to hone the Course Selection process, refining it over many years. We know the students academically and pastorally and are able to help them understand which steps are required in order to get them where they want to go.”

College Principal Mr Chris Wallace said, “We are blessed to be able to offer a broad range of upper-school courses here at the College. Because of this, we want our students and our parents to be well-informed about their choices. Course selection is a process which starts when the students are in Years 8 and 9, and there are many steps in the process.
“The point of this day is that we want the students and the parents to be well informed so that they can make the best decision for them based on all the information. Our students and parents are not alone, as the College is on the journey with them. We will continue to nourish, guide and assist students to make informed choices regarding their future.”

Photo: Deputy Principal of Teaching and Learning Mr Paschal McCarthy counselling students and parents on Years 11 and 12 course options

Photo: Head of Year 10 Mrs Katrina Conway-Mortimer discusses student futures

Photo: Key members of staff discussing course options with students and parents

Photo: Head of Year Miss Regan Dyer entering in course selections for Years 11 and 12