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Year 3G Visits Penguin IslandPosted in Primary on Friday, 6 December, 2019

On Friday, 29 November, Year 3G went on the bus to Penguin Island. Here’s what one of the students in 3G wrote about their day:

“Damon and I were sleeping on the bus. We arrived at Penguin Island at 9.30 when we noticed that there were lots of different birds. After that we went on a little adventure and saw a king skink and even some chicken eggs, during recess.

Secondly, we saw the penguin show and they were so cute! They had fluffy, waterproof feathers and they were rescue penguins which means they will be released if they’re healthy.

Next we went with the Ranger for an hour. We saw lots of seagull and one laid an egg. We saw a flock of pelicans. Crested terns were feeding their young with fish in the creche.

Thirdly, we came back. I was so happy because I was starving! I had a delicious lunch which made the day even better. Lunch lasted for about thirty minutes. After that, we went on the glass-bottomed boat and we saw a pod of dolphins that were hunting with a stingray, while swimming under us.

Then we went to Seal Island and saw two seals were fighting . On that island, all of the sea lions were males. They all tried to get as big and fat as possible to impress the girls in mating season. When we left Seal Island I felt great and lucky because of all of the wonderful things I had seen.”

Robert Powell
Year 3 student

Penguin Island 29.11 (57)
Penguin Island 29.11 (44)
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