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Year 7 English IncursionPosted in Literacy,Secondary on Wednesday, 13 November, 2019

Year 7 English classes took part in a valuable Viewing Incursion with Jenny Botje from The Literature Centre. Held over a double period on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week, the incursion focussed on the picture book The Viewer, by Gary Crews.

The Viewer tells a peculiar story about a boy who finds and becomes obsessed with a ‘viewer’ – “an old mechanical object which carries disks of images; scenes of destruction, violence and the collapse of civilisations throughout time. The boy is afraid, but also cannot help but look into the machine time and time again as the images shift and change…” (

The students were lucky enough to see the original artworks in gouache and coloured pencil, created by Shaun Tan for use in the picture book, and study their details up close.

The incursion aims to strengthen the students’ understanding, interpretation and critical analysis of visual texts, well timed to coincide with their English unit on Multimodal Picture Books.

Visiting the College to run English incursions for a number of years, Jenny is always well received by the students and staff.

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